Man Rak-Rak general characteristics (ASTRO)

Born in Cancer almost all have a firm position, because it helps to successfully conceal great sensitivity. When you gain their favor, you can be sure that you will always be under their protection. Their charm few could not resist, because he always improved the true depth of feeling. In love are quite faithless, but while one woman, endlessly in love. The problem is that often fall in love, make mistakes, and when a partner leaves, long-suffering after her. Suits them the dominant type of women and most often successfully, ambitious partner that govern their lives.

Love and Sex

When it comes to love, “feel” is the key word for cancer. Without a second thought, will always show their emotions, tenderness and concern. For partners elect a person who is able to understand them better. As a lover of Cancer seeks equally intuitive person loves children and marriage for a lifetime.

Friends and family

Crabs are great parents, traditional and full of maternal love. All aspects of their family in the first place, as can be seen in their homes and commitment to obligations at home. They are deeply sentimental and inclined diligent preservation of family memories.

When it comes to friends, people born in the sign of Cancer is always ready to lend a hand of friendship, of course, if it does not conflict with family responsibilities. Very respected friends and enjoy the fun house. Their intuitive nature, where the heart is more important than the head, makes them very sympathetic, but because it is sometimes difficult to understand.

Career and money

Representatives of this sign can be very much a persistent, almost as much as sensitive. When a job should be done, roll up their sleeves and usually it has successfully completed. Most of them correspond to activities related to any type of care or nursing. Excellent career will do as gardeners or journalists. Great patriotism gives them an excellent basis for politics. The most important thing for them to work they do not like and fills them.

How security so the money is of great importance for the representatives of this sign. It’s pretty easy to earn big money, but it is also very easy and spend. Cancer is not a big spender of money, in fact, it is more likely to invest and watch it grow day by day. For many cancers money is a status symbol, which many representatives of this sign have a lot of money in a bank account. Cancer is a very resourceful and very well managed your time and money.

Cancer will feel most comfortable at home near family, familiar things and dear friends.

Famous Men born under this sign:

Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Neruda, Ingmar Bergman, Rembrandt, Salvador Dali, Schubert, Petrarch, Rousseau, George Orwell, Tom Hanks, Murilo Benicio, Vittorio De Sica, Julius Caesar, Nikola Đuričko, Ljubivoje Ršumović, Djura Jaksic, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Robin Williams …

negative traits

Negative characteristics of this sign negative impact primarily on himself and does not affect the people around you. Sometimes they do not have enough strength to cope with their lives. Shyness and indecision can be so severe that affect their career development and to the entire body.

Crabs are not optimistic, when an accident occurs, the easiest way for them to raise their hands and say: “How to be a being.” People born under this zodiac sign can be very tragic and unambitious, but the main drawback to them is too great sensitivity, because that often suffer in life. When someone is injured, they withdraw into themselves and for others not even fathom. Crying is not foreign to them, because they are able to cry for the least little thing, especially when someone is unfair to them. Often exaggerate when it comes to food, sex, and here.


If you wish to remain safe and healthy throughout life, should be more deal with authorities in the stomach and chest. Their main health problems are associated with digestion and usually occur in old age.