Man Taurus-Libra general characteristics (ASTRO)

His gaze is penetrating, a masculine appearance, a real gentleman, or at least managed to leave an impression. It is mostly well behaved, held to manners, sentimetalan and sensual, sentimental, nostalgic, but tolerant and possessive, often for a reason dissatisfied. It is sometimes a bully, it can also be a materialist, too persistent, careful, but when necessary he can be very determined. Mane forgive him, because it was overwhelming. He is a poet at heart, yet extremely practical, and that’s what women are like. She can be set to be the boss in the house, although it works discreetly, with a lot of humor to your account. He’s jealous, hedonistic, often unfaithful, romantic, valuable only when it is motivated, a bit slow and often obstinate.