MARITAL truest sign: Behold with whom you are waiting for the love, and who is by far the WORST HUSBAND

You know that saying that someone is trying as black earth? Well, that’s the case with this sign when he finds himself in the role of a spouse!

Each zodiac sign has certain strengths and weaknesses, especially when it comes to love life and emotions. Read on to learn what are the advantages and disadvantages of each sign when it comes to love, in the long term and marriage:


Advantage: It’s kind of wild, but the measure. He loves to have fun and likes to everyone feels comfortable in his company but with him you just never get bored.

Disadvantage: Due to the inherent stubbornness with it is often difficult to communicate. He likes to order, believes that it is always right, even when it is not – will not admit it. You always have to be the way he himself is “mapped”. It carries a dose of selfishness which often goes out during the brawl.


Advantage: It is widely known for his commitment and on it you can always count on. It is stable, hard working, family-oriented, fully will be paid to come home every day at the same time.

Disadvantage: Since women are expected to follow because Taurus is not a good choice for free-spirited women who love their freedom, adventure lifestyle, you do not want to feel constrained and need a lot of time for yourself.


Advantage: It is interesting, smart, positive, is not afraid of new challenges, unpredictable and constantly will organize surprises.

Disadvantage: It is not the epitome of loyalty such as Taurus and you never know how long it will take his love. Like change, hate routine, is not stable and they do not let the long connections.


Advantage: the romantic and caring. When love, love strongly and emotionally. Not interested in the superficial connection.

Disadvantage: His love can sometimes suffocating. She likes to have everything under control and little things easily turned into a big problem. Ie forward thinking negatively. imagines everything bad that could happen and so disrupts the relationship.


Advantage: It is dynamic, passionate, generous and will make everything you can to make the maximum spoils.

Disadvantage: He is proud and vain and will not be offended if you are at all times is not the center of your world, or if he (in his opinion) does not devote enough time. He likes to be the center of attention, which often can be exhausting for his life companion.


Advantage: Firmly standing with both feet on the ground, organized, stable and committed to you in any case make you happy and satisfied.

Disadvantage: Cepidlaka is everything to find fault and loves to correct “deficiencies” with other people as well as those seen in life companions. Often he lacks confidence, is uncertain and there are problems with establishing trust.


Advantage: Romantic charmer with coverage. He’s good and kind, not only to you than to any other people. When you fall in love, just as a woman looks at her life partner.

Disadvantage: When his ego is hurt, will act as a child and would not care for the feelings partner. While it is always ready to solve the problem then becomes strict and cold and is difficult to communicate with him.


Advantage: Passionate, intense and when you really love has incredible empathy and emotional understanding.

Disadvantage: It is extremely sensitive, and fatalistic thinking can be very possessive. If you feel hurt and then it becomes vindictive.


Advantage: wise, generous, generous, gentle. I do not know how to lie and therefore you can expect maximum sincerity.

Disadvantage: Generally speaking, it is a stable man, but not when it comes to love. Often they do not know to define their feelings easily and loses interest. He likes to impose their own beliefs and opinions.


Advantage: There’s nothing I would not do for the woman he loves. Do not surrender to emotions easily, but when it touches the love of a lifetime is ready to stay with my partner and at no point do not doubt your feelings.

Disadvantage: Difficult is constantly criticized, has high expectations, rarely agrees to compromise and does not understand the concept of flexibility. When you partner hurt you, around you to build walls that are difficult to bring down.


Advantage: It is an exciting and intelligent. Never jealous and can be trusted unconditionally.

Disadvantage: I understand all personally. Often emotional distancing and strays from the partner because he feels misunderstood. I do not know how to love without a sense of security and confidence, and hard to acquire both.

A fish

Advantage: gentle, love wholeheartedly, do not refrain, full of care and respect.

Disadvantage: It is unstable when it comes to emotions. At the moment you can change your mind and tell you how to actually search completely different partner. He loves love play by their own rules, and if you feel that something is choking will immediately escape.