Marriage counselor: Here’s what your wife wants your boyfriend – according to his zodiac sign!

Do you have what he needs? Just this property or method “will force him” to marry you.


The man born under the sign of Aries craves adventure and for someone who can not comply with their accelerated lifestyle. He needs a strong, independent woman who is always in the mood for experiments and adventures.


Bulls fall to women who are very feminine, sweet and somewhat traditional. This does not mean that next to you want a housekeeper, but a woman who will take care of the fact that his apartment is a real home and it seems that he feels loved.


Members of this sign fall to intelligent women who know how to lead a conversation and have no problem with that to express their opinion. He needs a wife who will represent the perpetual challenge him and never get bored.


While there are couples in which at least one (if not both) partner born under the sign of Cancer but they do not have children, cancer is very important that his wife has a strong maternal instinct. Even if there are no children of the marriage, the man Raku requires the woman next to you will feel loved and safe.


Lions are big, bold and very often the center of attention. He needs a woman who will always be with him, but will not become invisible. It must be conscious of itself, and the fact that her Leo likes to flirt and charm other women. However, not to be jealous, but to understand that this is part of his personality.


Men born under the sign of Virgo do not tolerate anything unreal and artificial. Therefore, if he wants to marry, he wants to marry the right woman. It must be a direct, independent and full of confidence, but at the same time can not be impolite and rude.


Members of this horoscope sign seek harmony and balance while during the partner selection ensures that the place itself has women who are aggressive and prone to conflicts. Scales need someone who is calm and who can cope with any situation. Wife Scales must be patient, because the scales heavily undecided.


Passionate and sexual Scorpio have with you to have a partner who knows how to keep the rhythm, and that while not “strangling” his desire. If you are too self-conscious when it comes to sex, men Scorpio will want in your life forever.


Shooters can not stand the monotony, they need stimulation – new places, new people, change is constant. If they prove that they can easily adapt to change and you can not stand the constant movement, Sagittarius will not think that you are away from the Seeb.


Men born under the sign of Capricorn is the most important job. Therefore, place yourself where you would like the person’s career is very important. If your work is high on the priority list, you are independent, competent and easily troubleshoot, you are perfect for the goat.


Members of this sign do not like anything traditional, but not such a partner. He wants to place himself someone who is unique and in dress and behavior, even in thought. What you are less conventional, that are more interesting man Aquarius. If you have a unique view of the world, he will spend his life with you and will forever fascinated by your personality.


Men born under the sign of Pisces are extremely nice and kind, and they should therefore be such a partner. Gravitate toward women who are delicate and prone to volunteer work and work with animals. Fish are creative and can often get lost in their own dreams, but they need a woman who can not understand this and will gently “back to earth”.