Marriage for them is a nightmare: This 4 zodiac sign will do everything to pronounce “I do”

While some people on the day of the wedding and marriage dream of a lifetime, there are those that this kind of community experience as a nightmare.

Horoscope reveals that marriage means putting the last place:


Taurus is a stable and peaceful character, but because of its partial self-centeredness and sense of happiness when he himself, marriage is seen as a bathroom. Also, it is difficult to decide on a compromise, even if it is a very important thing.


Naturally, Leo is always looking for the best for themselves. Therefore, and in long-term relationships difficult tie for someone because they always think they’re right around the corner waiting for something better.


Members of this sign love their freedom and are not attracted to them demanding people regarding expected full commitment. Shooters just do not believe the story that will last forever.


This sign loves their independence and their union does not represent much. Consequently, Aquarius marriage is not seen as overly interesting phenomenon. It only changes if you run into someone who they is interesting for other reasons.