Mars after zodiac signs-Mars represents our will, power, purpose and direction

Mars symbolically represents our will, power, purpose and direction. He gives us mobility, motivation and instincts. Mars is the ego shield; operation Marsa become aware of their own body and identity while trying to defend it from others. Mars symbolically represents our desires, the ways in which we are active, what are we doing to get to the finish line. Talk about our courage, tenacity, perseverance and determination.

Mars talks about the areas where we are competitive, ambitious, and in this regard, and prone to conflict, but also injuries, stress and conflict. Mars is a soldier who seeks discipline and clear instructions. In severe or extreme aspects of signs by their expression becomes tense, irritable, argumentative with the tendency of wasting energy on more things without a clear direction and motivation.

He usually lazy, unreliable and phlegmatic, it tends not to take responsibility for their actions or even shifting responsibility to others. Afflicted, specifically threatened Mars is usually frightened and needs to a forceful and blunt way to impose control over the field in which the exhibits. It should thoroughly study the position of Mars in the birth chart and identify ways of channeling energy.