Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius represent the clash of two malefic!

Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius represent the clash of two malefic. Since the Mars energy, and Saturn limit, this would mean that Mars under the influence of large constraints and pressures shoots and manifests itself in a fiery and very variable way, and this is the sign of Sagittarius, therefore, manifests itself disorganized, impulsive and naturally tends to spread his rage and anger.

Saturn, on the other hand to represent limitations, in Sagittarius will apply to religious, administrative, linguistic and traffic, legal and other restrictions, some even dating back from the old days, because Saturn is all about the past and what will make Mars to act hastily, quickly and arrogantly. This crash literally it means, due to the high limit, the energy has long been repressed, and we had a lengthy motion of Mars back and forth now expresses itself in a surprising manner.

Square Saturn and Mars with the Sun in Virgo, is also a frustration and tension, pride, manipulation, these are negotiations that have no solutions. Both sides are not satisfied and this increases anxiety and aggression.

These would constitute an aspect like trying to reason with someone who is visibly unhappy for a long time and prevent him not to do some damage that can not be repaired because Device like to improve. On the other hand, how the Virgin systematic and well-planned character, some events which these days might be taking place around the world need to be considered through the prism of the media and political motives and see how much is really true (Sagittarius), how much is planned (Virgo) and how much is imposed with the aim of (Saturn in Sagittarius), in order to create some destructive consequences (Mars in Sagittarius).

On a personal level, these aspects will indicate problems in those areas where there is a conjunction, as well as those areas where the government’s plans. If your Mars, for example, operates six fields, a Saturn 8 fields, and both planets are placed in the natal chart, for example, 10 home. Then it will certainly be problems of work / colleague or banks / money of others to manifest itself through your house of career and public life, from the bosses. If your bank imposes financial restrictions, and you have a very long time unhappy work environment, then it can happen that, for example, quit these days …

Of course this does not apply to all people, because consideration needs to be taken and other factors, such as the Moon, since it affects how we feel and what we think when we are under stress.