Mars for signs of the Zodiac-Mars is the planet of action, passion and energy!

When we talk about whether we have or do not have the power actually think the position of Mars in our natal chart. Mars is the planet of action, passion and energy. Mars gives us the strength to what you start and finish. Once the start has to go to the end. Samson’s strength was in his hair, and where is your power?

Mars in Aries is a born warrior. Never accept no for an answer, as it will never accept any defeat. You may have won a battle but not the war. People with Mars in Aries is tough, impulsive and rebellious. The goal must be achieved at all costs. Driven by passion often will go head through the wall. Mars in Aries all uniformed personnel. Mars in Aries is a torch that burns, but often fueled knows how to use other people for the sake of their own purposes.

Mars in Taurus all of his energy directed to sensual enjoyment. No speed, but because it has resistance. This Mars does not want to win, but to enjoy. More often it can be found in the kitchen than in the gym. They are slow and not easy to run. Yet when they are able to move steadily to advance to the target. Their strength lies in the possession of material things, and his property will defend like a raging bull if they endanger someone.

Mars in Gemini is prone to waste energy. These people always start something, often several things at once, or have a problem that started and completed. Mars in Gemini will say that tomorrow begins to do what is mapped out, but after five minutes will not forget it because his attention wandered to the other side. However be careful. This Mars is sharp and easy on the tongue can tell you something that you do not expect. This Mars is constantly in motion, so if you can not follow better cancel because you dizzy.

Mars in Cancer is not designed for open battle. This Mars is able to understand people, to understand their feelings and fight heart for those that love you. Dangerous would be to openly confront someone in a physical fight. Then the other looked like a bully, but even worse, it could take up to serious consequences. This is a person who will focus all their energy on home and family. In his home this Mars is invincible.

Mars in Leo is the best, the best, the fastest, funniest and everything else what you think. Is it really so in reality, it is a question. Mars in Leo is full of confidence. It will help you to fight for you, but they will have to provide a part of the glory for himself. Mars in Leo is extremely vulnerable, because if it is not the center of attention will be injured. These people are the heart and are willing attention. Mars in Leo clearly knows what she wants, and that’s just the best of life. This is will to power.

Mars in Virgo is a real workaholic. It can work all day, every day. There is no strong body structure and performance to remember, but to say that excuses are not so easy to forget. This Mars has a powerful intellect and a great eye for detail, because he likes to deal with the details. He will tell you things like that, malnourished fact that you will not know what to answer him. Free will leave you speechless. These are extremely valuable and analytical person.

Mars in Libra is stylish and sophisticated. He likes to win, but never will not do with his performance, but the charm. These are the smiles that create sighs. Mars in Libra is an elegant zavodniik. Tempter sa big problem coma satisfy himself or others or svma, if possible. These are fighters for justice, because Libra strives to bring all in perfect harmony. For Mars in Libra can be used the saying that justice is blind.

Mars in Scorpio is driven by passions. It will be how he wants and not otherwise. This Mars is the most dangerous when someone decides to take revenge. Will be remembered for years, inventors revenge, revenge even if it cost their heads. These people have a problem to find the middle. I always go from one extreme to the other. They have a lot of energy and if you fall in love will love you for life. It will be there for you even called him at three o’clock in the morning.

Mars in Sagittarius is a born adventurer. Impetuous, prone to exaggeration, born to be intractable. This is an inexhaustible source of optimism and enthusiasm. When the day overcast, raining and you wonder why you came at all today to work in Sagittarius Mars will hear singing in the room next to you and it will improve your mood. Mars in Sagittarius lives for some higher ideal. This is the law is the same for all. This is faith in human goodness.

Mars in Capricorn will accurately assess how many steps need to make before it gets to you. This is the strategist that is unparalleled. People with Mars in Capricorn seem indestructible. This Mars is calculated exactly how much time for what you need. He gets up at a certain time, is seen with friends, going to work and never late. Rigorous, disciplined, I’ll climb on top of which is inaccessible to others. These are people who will never complain.

Mars in Aquarius brings so much instability with you that you think that will be all around you every moment collapse. The time you see him, you do not see the time. These are people who can be like a time bomb if you do not have a direction in which to channel their energy. Extreme sports are mental food for Mars in Aquarius. Mars in Aquarius does not think he works intuitively in the moment. A strange, eccentric, rebellious and beyond all expectations is the story of Mars in Aquarius.

Mars in Pisces is somewhere far away in the depths of the mind. This is the power that comes from an unknown source. This is an excellent position for Marsa meditation, meditative exercises and mastery of the mind. This is the distance from the outside world. Mars in Pisces sail across the ocean of mind to find something that words can not describe. In a negative connotation brings a problem with alcohol, drugs and all forms of addiction. These are people who need peace to compose, painted or to be at peace with myself.