Mars in Aquarius Mars-per zodiac signs

Mars in Aquarius trying your energy to manifest itself through the ideas. Mars is weakened in all air signs, due to its natural element is not air, but fire, in this regard Mars in Aquarius is quite tense, nervous, irritable and always ready to defend their positions. He’s stubborn, persistent, difficult to change your belief system and try to remain distinct with their ideas and the external appearance. This may be an eternal rebels and human rights activists, however, that the Taurus air sign, we struggle remains at the level of thought and does not go further than that.

People with the position of Mars in Aquarius love to computers and programming, like technology and a modern way of life, it is easy to manage in new and unfamiliar situations, willing to express their opinion on a topic. These people like to debate, activities and sports. Their energy and behavior depend on the extent to which they can present their ideas and express their individuality. They try to be after something different from others. Although it feels good to be part of the group, they are great individuals.

How Pisces related to the nervous system and futuristic mind, the energy of this position is often progressive and ahead of its time. These individuals may have weak nerves, can be irritable and nervous, if inadequately spend your energy. They do not like authority and therefore often work independently or differently than others.