Mars in Aquarius, Mercury in Sagittarius sextile and trine to Jupiter in Libra …. progressiveness and innovation, energy focused on contacts and ideas!

In heaven we have beautiful aspects of concentration, motivation and performance of tasks. This aspect also consists in Aquarius Mars sextet Mercury shooter and trine Jupiter in Vagi.

Mars in Aquarius gives progressiveness and innovation, energy focused on contacts and ideas. Mercury in Sagittarius, although unfavorable, gives tolerance, acceptance, or even changing certain attitudes, beliefs, gives optimism that the projects are completed. Mercury in Sagittarius, and Pisces in giving too much detailing and digressions. A person has a problem to adjust priorities. It is often burdened with some thoughts or ideas. These thoughts are focused on peace, democracy, unconditional understanding of others even to their own detriment. Here thoughts have no limit which is good for artists and writers, but unfavorable for the organization, discipline, completion of tasks.

Jupiter is on the other side of the scale, which again refers to the need to share their experiences and find faith through partnerships and connect with others. The combination of Aquarius, Libra and Sagittarius, provides an excellent combination of fire and air, great moments of creativity and enabling environment.

Mars and Mercury in good aspect a give strong attention to and focus on the objectives, activities and actors. The combination of the fixed, variable and cardinal modality that provides a context for initiating, managing and bringing to end the action. Mars trine to Jupiter gives rewards for hard work and efforts, they are happy circumstances, support a partner in the business, good investment, strong will, strong and healthy ego.

All indicators suggest that we will have more energy, more often we take the risk, because we have faith in themselves and their capabilities. One very positive and inspiring period in which we will be diligent, disciplined and rewarded for it. Easy come in contact with your potential knowing how to use them.

Of course, the movement of the moon, especially these days through the sign of Virgo will give splitting hairs and a waste of time to detail, nervousness and criticism, both ourselves and others. Month today, also makes a square to Mercury and will bring distractions, lack of sleep or workload. The conjunction of Mercury and Saturn can heighten concern and criticism, but it is temporary, so even if you run into obstacles, do not despair.

Mars and Jupiter are in trine, and it is always rewarding and this award that does not fail, given that the trine aspect is concerned. Character awards will depend on the characters, and how we have Aquarius and Libra, then this praise, public recognition, applause, gifts, entry into an organization, start projects, resolution of legal proceedings, signing papers and the like.