Mars in Aquarius Very strong emotional earthquake, the sense of grievance, but the rage!

Changing the sign used to move a planet in the sky, bringing a change in us, on a personal level but also at the global. Each planet a certain speed change sign, make a cycle through the zodiac, circle a period of time and often bring the need for putting an end to certain processes in and around us, the events, people and situations in our lives.

Each planet is an energy and focuses on specific actions and areas of our lives. Therefore astrologers write and announce the transition of a planet from the sign of the sign and follow its movement as well as aspects ie. Relations says that when you change the character or direction of movement as a very important change that can be felt all linked in some way to this planet – ie. energy that it entails. Some feel the change harder, if that planet for example. ruler their horoscope or at the age when she was with them activated. The planet Mars this year with his unusual movements, positions and interactions with other planets (in the text will specify in more detail what those planets) awakens interest but also our personal energy, therefore it is activated in the sky. Mars in Roman mythology and Ares in Greek is the son of supreme gods – Zeus and Hera (in Roman mythology the god Jupiter and his wife Juno) and on the supreme god of war and fighting, violence and warfare in terms of astrology is the basic male principle – in all of us will for survival, fighting for life, basic primary instinct for survival on this planet. Mars is the ruler of Aries and Scorpio (which is actually a co-ruler along that planet Pluto). Mars in the chart represents the male energy and men in our lives, and if a woman’s horoscope indicates the men that a person attracted to what she has genetics from a man’s hand, how she struggles through life, what her father had been in his youth, what kind of energy is inherited through the instincts and the desire to fight, to which focused its primary basic life energy and how it has, how it is used. In the men’s horoscope, Mars will describe what he personally Energy has, what kind of grit and courage, is ready for the initiative, whether the person has a good masculine energy, potency, to which directed its fighting spirit, action and even a job – because the position Mars men often defines and determines the choice of occupation and profession, ie. how to circulate the life energy and will often based on the position of the planets and look for a business that is dynamic or less dynamic, competitive, etc. Mars rules the first, the root chakra – that we are located in the tail of the spine, the government sexual energy, impulses, instincts and desire for the extension types. So here it must be emphasized that Mars bears full unconscious, primal need to survive. With him no conversation and the conversation because the emotions associated with Mars as anger and hatred, and its color is red. Mars is a warrior in the military field, its focus is on the fight, opponents and competitions. Therefore, the city ie. a sign of which is the best feeling sign of Aries, and the month of March, which is the Government this sign named after him. Entering the new year flicked toward the spring, when everything flourishes, flower, sun shines brighter, when they will be done for life after hibernation Mars can only accompany and support with his immense energy, because it awakens in us all – and so do its energy and support needed to survive. When we say we think of Mars that energy, ie a position. sign in which it is in our natal chart will describe what our energy is focused on what, what’s the warrior in us, what we men (women) want and what is our desire and vision of the ideal man we seek.

Mars in 12 zodiacal signs pass in two years, which means that approximately two months going through one character. Going through a particular sign, Mars is always triggers events that are associated with the areas and topics from the natal house is going through but also the aspect that says our natal planets. Awakens in us the desire for action, fighting, moving, and often brings konflkte and arguments, depending on where we’re going and how our Mars set.

This year, Mars goes (rarely happens) retrograde stroke. What is interesting is that Venus also go backwards or after him. What could this bring us and what should we pay attention?

What is important in the study and interpretation of these events is to always have in mind the image of all the events in the sky these days, ie. months and to astrological symbolism connects and gives predictions always the interpretation of the activities of all the planet, because everything is connected with everything and no change in the sky does not happen by accident.

MARS U VODOLIJI- First of all, Mars is going backwards, through the sign of Aquarius. However, before you go back in the sky will happen opposition between Venus and Marsa- exactly 21.6, then Venus will be in Leo and Mars in Aquarius, and that this aspect of tension and in this case brings misunderstanding, ie. too strong emotions (unfavorable aspect primarily tells of jealousy, passion, severing ties with the turbulent emotions). This may be the beginning of the overture events next six months. This is the ratio of the two planets that relate exclusively to the theme of love, but if events during the year and by the end of November to be associated with this region. Especially when we know that during the summer they go three eclipses of the Sun and the Moon (which is involved with its setting Mars!) Which gives it a very fateful and deeper significance. Mars in Aquarius brings increased need for freedom, fighting for freedom and related release (detachment, but he can also describe a divorced man or a man who is not in the mood for marriage). Mars in Aquarius brings a new vision, ideas regarding humanitarian activities, and helping humanity. This Mars describes men who love speed, adventure, strangeness, lucidity, an electrical connection, piloting, parachuting … These are men who are honest, or brave and seek freedom, stubborn, strange with unusual philosophy of life. Aquarius is a male human character is Mars in this sign as the planet of war and struggle can activate the fight or conflict between the two men. What is important to emphasize that it will be started Martian activities and events to stop because reverse some of the planet always talk about going back to something old or stopping il icing energy, and how Mars – a warrior who at least likes to be stopped, this year men just can not feel this way – restrained, understated, stopped the move, thoughts, ideas and actions. In the second part of the rest of the year, Venus goes retrograde, and this is the sign of Scorpio, which is certainly not a good place for a female planet of emotion and love, speaks of the continuing difficult situation in love relationships, because Mars, and when it goes direct walk to go sign of Aquarius, so if you say this time tense aspect to Venus, but their relationship will be strained throughout September because all the time in the square.

MARS in Aquarius-lunar eclipse or lunar eclipse, and in which the Mars in embodiment (in conjunction with the month that is obscured and the South Node). Very strong emotional earthquake, the sense of grievance, but also anger, vulnerability, etc. can be felt in particular those having an activated a planet this eclipse (degree of 3 to 5 all of the fixed characters – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius). All those who are in the natal chart adverse aspect between Venus and Mars, especially in fixed signs, will have a turbulent year, which does not bring resolution, but also in the fall continue complications in relationships. Will they have enough strength to cope with storms in themselves that require cleaning emotional wounds that were surely just a consequence and not the cause of this year’s events, it depends on their willingness to change. What should be changed in it some thought, because the position of the stars and planets in the sky called that old wounds until the end of the year must be healed. Do not react violently, give freedom to your man, and you men do not run out of courage, because the bad guys are the only ones who do not have enough energy. Collect energy for what matters most, and in the course of the year to focus until the end of the year was the one that you love.

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