Mars in Aries-Mars after zodiac signs

Here is Mars is at its headquarters. Mars by natural fire signs manifest his power, because I represent the fire. In the sign of Aries, this energy is healthy, leadership, vital, organizational, sports and pioneering. These are people who radiate, have a special charisma and are very attractive to the opposite sex. They have a fast gait, athletic physique, are interested in all kinds of team sports.

If you are not active in this area, then definitely choose jobs that allow movement, dynamics and contacts with others. However, as the cardinal sign of Aries, which usually refers to the start of things, but not their end, will happen to the Mars suddenly loses interest in what he was thrilled.

Very easy to change things and natural is the winner. The moment you win the person achieve a goal or start a business, the more it does not matter. It may be addicted to adrenaline, injury-prone and high temperatures are transient. It has a constant need to prove compete and stand out.