Mars in Cancer-Mars after zodiac signs

The energy of this person is very intuitive, creative and variable. Here is the energy and vitality of people dependent on the moon, which is inherently variable and volatile. The moon is here in its Fall which would mean that there can not be on the Mars visible and direct way to demonstrate your courage and strength.

These people will not be soldiers, their energy is related to poetry, romance, protection of family and children. This is the energy that aims to protect the history, country, roots and mother. Mars in Cancer is often self-destructive, passive and payable. A person can have digestive problems, which are often psychosomatic nature.

The position of Mars in Cancer usually talks about the anger and frustration that can come from early childhood, or her mother, and is related to relationships in the family or among parents. Positive features of Mars (if properly directed his energy) related to creative expression, as well as assistance in family and household chores. These persons may engage in cooking, diet, charitable activities, babysitting. Often remain connected to the home or jobs Whoa there may be related to work from home. Diseases of any kind can come from the mother’s line.