Mars in Cancer-What to do in the period that follows us, who have advice for everyone, especially for people who have natal Mars in Cancer?

Mars in the sky will go through the sign of Cancer. For anyone who is even remotely understand the astrology this does not sound like a good combination – Mars, the planet of male principle, war, fighting and aggression (Mars the god of war) enters the female, water, family sign, a sign of cancer, but it is very easy to slip on conflict the situation in the home, the family, with close ones. the focus of this Mars and its struggle can be focused on everything that represents what we are most intimate, most personal. In this area there is our soul. The soul is the invisible, which is deep within us and which is closest to us. If Mars falls in the sign of Cancer in the natal chart, often a person has a fight in your soul, you feel very vulnerable in some way. Of course, in the natal chart is important that where Mars falls in a house or field, but will be during the life of the most felt its influence in the region. But generally, Mars in Cancer speaks about the injuries that we carry in the depths of ourselves, it is possible from the deep past, from the actions of our parents’ childhood, of home, this basic movement for which the weight is to defend Mars.

Mars is the planet’s very important for us, especially as he is a representative of the basic primary struggle in our lives – that does not give up and fight for our environment, not to give up on life. So he carries the flame of life in us, forcing us to live. It is activated when we are afraid to act, to get out and fight, when we find ourselves in dangerous situations, and stress to seek a solution. Mars in the birth chart represents our immune system, because it protects us from foreign organisms and diseases. Mars is a soldier in us, who defend their territory – our body. Mars is the planet that rules the bottom of the back, the first chakra, the energy passes through the tail of the spine along our spine and gives us the strength to live. He rules the muscles in the body, moves us. Mars government and white blood cells.

It is therefore very important item natal Mars, because of it, see how many people have the energy and life force that runs through life, to fall and get up, and whether the winner or loser in the extreme. In the horoscope Mars rules the first house, Aries (and co-ruler of Scorpio as well), this is actually the government primary life force, ourselves and our basic needs and instincts. If the person Mars in some fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), by nature likes to fight, compete, and it burns like fire itself. But if it is in water signs (Cancer and Capricorn), this warrior is unfocused, rambling all over the place, this power is not concentrated in one spot, but this Mars fights with the army, emotions, memories, predaka..i come to the present moment and Mars in Cancer. Mars in Cancer, astrologically speaking, very bad, that is. falling. This means that such positioned Mars has no life energy, but does not mean that a person is sick, all depending on the settings of other planets and the whole natal chart, because the focus of this Mars can be directed to family (domesticated type, private business, job concerning food, restaurants, etc., but the person found this channel and focus on the male principle of constructive things). Mars in Cancer often brings a lack of self-love, because the struggle is directed toward himself, that went back to childhood, and perhaps before long. Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon and he points to the period of life from birth to four years, and is very likely occurred in this period to some family events and injuries that will leave a mark after the person, as well as a hole through which leaking energy people can not be started or shut up, a person feels incomplete and no Ivona energy. It is for ovakivh events many people just get a greater need to deal with them, to strengthen, and all depending on the setting of the Moon in the natal chart, overcome events that have blocked them in developing countries. Then the Mars gets another dimension, it becomes much stronger and is beyond the scope of domestic and internal. Becomes world (Novak Djokovic).

Mars in Cancer often has an emphasis not only on family issues and the country and city where it is. Mars in Cancer likes to defend their country, to fight for her, but in family stories and genetics, there was a lot of warriors and soldiers who gave their lives for the motherland. There is a great need for national dignity and pride in people who have it in the birth chart, as the homeland can be identified in some way, and then it is much easier to find a way of healing your soul, perhaps through generations escaped injury (or i through mass gatherings, cheer for your team and the flag which proudly flying at their car ..).

Mars in Cancer may refer to the transgenerational trauma and stories, especially if there are bad aspects with other planets unconscious, yet it is an important item of the Moon in the map and the full set of natal chart. A person may feel like you do not live your life but caught up in the stories of the past of their families, often in terms of succession, house, land or flats can not be sold, and a person sentenced to resolve various conflicts of the past domestic fields . From this field, especially for people such items Mars that actually ancestral energy carrier, can not be pulled out and then tone ..

Mars is often inherited in the natal chart, the child has a setting of Mars in the sign that is in some way tied to the parents (often the father and son have the same sign, and Mars). Mars is linked to a move to sankskritu karma means action, and is Mars in Cancer actually karmically Mars, the one for which the person is returned to this life to an action of the past changed or otherwise react. And this means that the actions of the past now govern us, and now we have the strength to fight and to present actions and decisions and life or past life and actions … and it is very difficult.

What to do in the period that follows us, who have advice for everyone, especially for people who have natal Mars in Cancer?

It is very important to focus on one thing at the moment, and that all the energy that is in us now focus only on the solution of a situation. It is important to collect energy in this period that we do not try, if we feel exhausted, tired or ill health, to solve vital problems and situations. If we feel that we are mature enough to go to deal with life’s challenges, it’s time ahead of us ideal for solving important things that trouble us in the past. Especially now, the call of Mars in Cancer is to deal with the problems of home and family. Also, it is important to work on strengthening the immune system, in this period. It is important to know that this Mars changed rapidly emotions and your mood, the focus of interest and that it is not reliable, and such energy and to overtake us. If you go to a campaign, it is important to know whether our position of the Moon in the sky for the day supports (Mars and the Moon will be very connected during these two months, but those who have natal linked these two planets will be activated this aspect ie. The story she wears this aspect in the natal chart, but will face her through a variety of events and developments in reality). Month to two times during the passage of Mars for signs of cancer, visit the zodiacal circle, but it will certainly be a roller coaster of emotions, memory, energy, mainly hurt … maybe it is good not to take up some important activities if you are afraid, so afraid of the nearest to also be expressed. Pay attention to training the (endangered connective muscle tissue), do not go to surgery if you do not have, and let women decision (Venus will be in Taurus, a good set up for themselves and in the right proportion to Mars during the first month of the passage of Mars through cancer). Turn jobs at home, work in the garden, work on yourself, love yourself, be gentle with yourself, so you will easily get the feeling of peace in itself.

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