Mars in Capricorn Mars-per zodiac signs

Here is Mars in the sign of courage, discipline and tactics. As this is a very exalted position of Mars, is also known as a sign of his exaltation. In Capricorn, Mars shows the characteristics of the organization and perseverance. Mars is in the sign of a mature, responsible and inclined to search for functional and practical solutions. Can give high positions in the police and judicial systems.

Mars likes this law, rule and authority. Not prone to idealization of authority, or understand the meaning of the existence of rules and it is almost always someone who says, implement and respect the law. People with this position are focused on the success of the business. They are very methodical, persistent and dominant. Rational and always well organized, these people will not allow themselves to be unwilling to work. These people your energy is best expressed through the work of the law enforcement and accountability. Often intrusive act with energy and attitude, but also calm and peaceful.

How does Saturn refers to the infirm, the poor and the elderly, as well as those whose rights are denied for some reason, the position of Mars in Capricorn brings the tasks related to these areas, legal and social issues. These are very proud people, which is an important reputation and social standing, are characterized by discipline, good upbringing and conventional way of dressing.