Mars in Gemini Mars after zodiac signs

Gemini is the sign of ideas and communication, brothers and education, as well as short trips and training. Mars in Gemini is expressed through these areas making the person a little irritable, nervous, absent and often distracted. These are people who are doing multiple things at the same time, not focusing on any of the long-term. Do not bind to targets and not persistent.

They are very creative, but their inspiration is transient. They love to read, write and travel. Usually prefer to work in pairs or teams, often having the need to share all their activities with someone, be it a friend, a brother, sister or colleague. They like to be involved, or at least familiar with most activities. Sangvinični very curious and easily establish contacts with others, often speak several languages ​​and have many friends. Mars in Gemini gives eternal youth, so that some of their professions may be directed to work with young people.

These are good teachers and kind of big kids. Their efforts and those things last as long as interest. After the cessation of interest in a given area can be very cold, indifferent and dull. They need to have more jobs in order to maintain their intellectual excitement and tension. They may have a problem with broken dreams, pain in the eyes. They often have problems with allergies, sneezing and generally lungs.