Mars in Leo-Mars after zodiac signs

These are usually actors, playwrights, and attention seekers whose only goal is to come up with applause. They are very brave and persistent, creative and talented. They can also be very romantic and innovative in the methods of seduction, as they have always in mind how can the other to excite. They are not a problem to speak to the audience, but these are politicians and shiny, but also singers or even leaders in certain activities. Are enthusiastic and committed to a cause.

Usually when they stop interest in an area, keep it up in order to maintain the reputation of the name or the earlier results. They do not like to disappoint anyone, they are very generous and are convinced that they are right. In this regard, charismatic and evocative effect on the environment in the direction of propagation of their own attitudes and life values. It’s hard to always win if you do not revive this energy can be prone to anger and conflict.

Pride plays a very important role in their approach and work, and opt for a profession that can enable the plan or contact with many people. This is a very creative person, energetic, interesting and free. Generous in helping others and not fall hard for them to make sacrifices for the partners until they are sure that they will get the same. They love socializing, outings and group activities.