Mars in Libra Mars-per zodiac signs

The energy of Mars in Libra again is in exile, because Mars, as is the case with the Taurus, Venus in the sign. Although this Mars will be focused on the sensations, senses and external operation, its line of action is different. Taurus is one of the women, introverted characters in this regard, the energy of Mars is directed inward.

Libra is a masculine, extroverted character, so it is normal that the energy dissipate outward. This represents consumption related to other people, which includes any friends, partners, colleagues. Libra is the sign of the exchange of ideas, but a person with Mars in Libra tends to be socially engaged and active, so that they can with as many people to debate and resolve any problem. In making this decision is best to rely on this position of Mars because of the unpredictable and suggestible, often distracted and passive-aggressive, especially in the situations in which it is powerless.

He likes to depend on the partners and all the energy spent on keeping the peace, whether in a marriage or with others. Often they will therefore act, speak and behave as it was expected of her. These people are often opeterećene physical appearance and buying, and almost always opt for jobs in which they can highlight their ideas and charm. This position is good for designers and fashion designers.