Mars in Libra-your present actions directly the true fate of the next generation!

Item Mars in the birth chart the astrologer provides information primarily about the raw life energy person and what she focused ie. what needs to invest your energy. Mars is the planet’s very important for our survival on Earth. If it was not Mars would not be safe so far survived. Mars is a fighter in us, and will map to show how many people have the strength to fight and how to everyday struggles. Because now another fight this Mars in us no. Mars awakens instincts and fight for life, on we needed in the past to fight for basic needs, food and survival, and now we are fighting for other things – ideas, tasks, projects, sports competitions, our desires i need triggers our business ambition … Mars in the natal chart can often be set up as well as one of the parents, saying that he inherited in most cases. Especially when it is in its exaltation or seat or if it is in decline, ie. if it is an extremely good or extremely bad set, which means that the child inherits the basic energy that carries this planet from our ancestors. Mars represents action, a Sanskrit word karma means action. At Mars we can detect actions of our ancestors and our entire line of genetics and how they fought and what their fight was the most focused, but also with how much courage, honesty and respect for the approaching enemy. Mars describes our father when he was young, my grandfather and all male ancestors, in their youth.

Mars is increasingly associated with the work and activities related to those of which we live, because at the present time on earth we are most focused on existential themes and these are issues that relate to the business ventures that are closely related to finances, specifically how much we earn from our work . For now on our planet fight for land, food and water we replaced the struggle with rivals, neprijateljiima business, competition. The current struggle is a struggle for money, which we krucijelan, because when it does there is no life … he gives us security and we feel protected when we have to account for as much as we need to feel safe.

Now, Mars enters the sign of Libra. We know that this is a very peaceful character, and those who have expressed this sign have a need for a diplomatic solution, spreading the beauty and aesthetics. So, we talk about the properties that are attributed to Venus, Mars and what it can do, the Mars who is dressed head to toe in armor with a spear in his hand ready for a real fight. Mars in Libra is certainly not a good place for the pure male principle. Mars is direct and he loves sincerity (Mars is in Aries in the seat), the clarity and precision (exalted Mars in Capricorn). He likes to have a goal. To fight I’m going to fight. He does not understand relations, and justice for him must be met on the battlefield, not through judicial processes, diplomatic negotiations or waiting for him a make a decision. He takes charge of its own fate, but the verdict. Therefore, for him the sign of Libra is not good, because it is hampered by just what the signification of Libra – relationships. He was raw, rough, fight to exhaustion, fighting for the survival of his lineage, defending their land, home, protect your family, gives them a sense of security. Revenge is a natural reaction for him if there is a violation of his. Mars enjoys to fight, because it is his fundamental need.

Men who have Mars in Libra are very focused on the expansion of peaceful ideas in the world in their own way (Mandela, Lennon, Presley, etc.). Of course, depends on the complete natal chart as he set up, where the Venus in the natal chart, but one thing is certain – this Mars is not good for a person because his fighter in him stiff and going in the opposite direction – instead of going straight to fight, because it is located directly on the battlefield called life, he stands and thinks how to direct their struggle to spread the idea of ​​peace or worse directs all his fight on the opposite side – a partner … In the horoscope, between emotional partner, often setting Marsa in Libra attracted to someone who is stronger and by whom will be able to achieve its primary Martian energy. So men have to be with women who are strong, combat and have a better setting Mars.

You should always look at when Mars is transiting through the sign where Venus is in heaven, so on that basis we can assess the general atmosphere and the energy and focus of his campaign. During the past month and a half that we follow with impaired male energy still looms solution, because Venus in October passes through the sign of Scorpio, it gives balance Mars is in the sign that suits him … in November Venus moves into Sagittarius, and will then change the atmosphere – the fervent and optimistic but also spiritual warfare, these are possible and religious and religious conflicts, attacks, etc.

How to pick and where to focus energy and find what the goal of the fight while Mars in Libra. First of all, Mars defend our bodies, and our government on the immune system. Mars in Libra has no power to deal with viruses, bacteria, etc. Mars in Libra has no power. It is therefore important to less tired because he rules the muscles too. Mars in Libra often has problems in relationships with intimate partner. Because he does not know what is the relationship and frequent quarrels and conflicts regarding the theme of love and his closest are very common. However, there will be no drastic changes on this point during this period vremenog because, as I wrote Venus goes through the sign of Scorpio, so its setting in that sign given dignity weak Mars.

Each planet badly positioned in the natal chart can be strengthened. If the item is worse, it takes more investment and work on it. We can see and a very bad set of Mars, for example, when Bill Gates, who made super good Marsa, such as the use of his administration Venus in Scorpio and strengthened through contact with that money. with higher cash flow strengthened the flow of Martian energy, because energy has circulated that. to be instantaneous, that Mars has the feeling that the fight is not in vain and that his focus and energy fighting.

Mars natal astrologer also tells the story of ancestors and their actions, and they now influence and govern the decisions and actions of the owner of Mars. If your ancestors were correct, fair action towards others, it’s certain that you have a well-established Mars. If you are located at Mars in Libra in the natal chart, consider who had bad relationships in the family system, become aware why he was so, discover the fate of your ancestor. Because the only thing touching the unconscious Mars is that consecration. Information about his past. Mars is a small Saturn … and that means that those actions, which I will make you move your Saturn for the next life, and from your present action depends on the fate of your children. Made aware of what their children are transferring as Mars or in your next life … your present actions directly the true fate of the next generation and what astrological language say – real karma for the next life.