Mars in Pisces Mars-per zodiac signs

Purpose, passion and direction of Mars are related to art and romance. This position gives poets, writers, people whose interests are related to spirituality, mystery, exploring new religion and meditation. In the sign of Aries, Mars is very frustrating, because in the watermark.

Mars is not a warrior, but an artist. He operates best in situations that allow him to choose the means of expression. It may therefore happen that you do not understand the rules and the best system that does not work well within it. This is the energy of Mars variable and depends on the emotional state of the person. People with this position could use a profession related to music, film and writing, they are great researchers, psychologists, actors.

Their energy is still influenced by external circumstances, given that Fish absorb external energy and reflect on yourself. These individuals may have a vision of the times in which they live, may be interested in the secrets, mysteries and puzzles. People with this position are interested in magic tricks can be great magicians. And this is a positive manifestation of Mars.

Afflicted expression could be related to the abuse of power for the sake of a goal, the spending power of fraud, of deception, illusion. Mars in Pisces in the worst case the seller is fog, when a lot of promises but little love. May have trouble with dreams and depression, and this results in a tendency to alcohol, drugs and medicines. I alone can imagine things and situations that do not exist. This position can give pathological liars and manipulators.