Mars in Scorpio-Mars after zodiac signs

Scorpio is a water sign and fixed. Mars is in Scorpio expressed through clear direction, courage, passion and lust. Mars in this sign likes to take risks, especially with so far unexplored and uncharted stvarima.Vole to analyze, question and penetrate the essence of things.

The energy of Mars can be focused on psychology, esotericism, economics, and operations, detective work and the like. Mars in Scorpio gives a persistent and courageous people who are loyal to one destination. They are very sensual, or closed. Their charisma comes from open, honest and spontaneous attitude, but on the contrary, from the secrecy that a person carries. It may be silent and visibly strong and confident person.

Usually suggestive effect on the environment and very easy to get what they want. They need to test the boundaries of existence and is often directed at the fact that they allow. These are people who want to try new things. Their desire is to get to know the person or situation through experience to later control. It’s hard to give up what they have planned. They find strength in solitude, the pain. Vole difficult situation, because they are perceived as a challenge in the development process. While Aries compete with others, Scorpio compete with them.