MARS in the aspect of comparative horoscope-Mutual aspects of the planet

Mars in the positive aspects with Mars
-Does kontrsuktivan couple, full of ideas, ideas, optimism and energy to constantly explore further.

It seems as if these two people are never at ease, share a strong stast and strong emotions, and can be very well motivate each other to success.

Mars in the positive aspects with Jupiter
Presents a constructive action.

Couple with this aspect of the planet without sumnuje be realized every single idea, physical attractiveness is very high, even in opozije, even squares.

Mars in positive aspects to Saturn
-sam itself this aspect does not apply to emotional-sexual part of the partnership, but may indicate a strong couple, ready to invest a lot and do not give up until you see the results of which are outlined.

A significant aspect that couple the potential to overcome various difficulties formal, and yet remain together

Mars in positive aspects to Uranus
-Power, energy and elektricititet at all levels are so strong that the couple can identify among thousands of others.
All the screaming of sparks, and passionate energy that drives them.

This aspect does not mean sustainability or the formalization of relations, but brings adventure to remember throughout your life.

Mars in the positive aspects of Neptune
-Here Neptune somehow getting on the energy of Mars, and the whole relationship takes on a different, deeper, spiritual dimension.
Sexuality is marked mysticism, certain cult that few recognize as a personal value.
You can make a strong intoxication.

Mars in positive aspects to Pluto
Full of fascination and passion out of control.
Even with the most positive aspects of the energy and passion fiercely must be kept under control.

How are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto annual plan, their mutual aspects will be of crucial importance in the horoscope, and they therefore will not be interpreted!