Mars, Mercury and twelve astrological field or retrograde ….

Mars and / or Mercury in the field 12 or retrograde … Too unconstructive thoughts, thought is an end in itself, the energy is spent on analysis, aimless analysis, there is no solution or the person does not want to find a solution, although it is usually unable to see what she represents problem, return to the past and questioning, reflection, actions that are repeated, uncertainty in decision-making, highlighted imagination, beg, loneliness, drugs and depression, literature and drama, our unawakened potential, our dreams, our subconscious, where the energy is wasted , what is most telling, doubt, alcohol, loss of consciousness, things that we can not watch ….

The man is a tamed animal, machine, another man, but not a thought. And all the while he was running away from their heads in order to forget, when it is really time to be expected from it, it hides itself in your subconscious, fear and guilt to God. Because we are too small to understand the plans of the Universe.