Mars-sharp, fast and relentless ….. He has always needed to fuel ablaze!

Mars is the planet’s immense power. Sharp, fast and relentless. Mars is the principle of enormous energy, courage and act in the moment, hastily. He will not wait patiently to solve the problem but will be nipped in the bud. Because such a large amount of energy which carries in itself can often be aggressive, which caused wars, quarrels and conflicts.

Mars is a fiery planet, but unlike the Sun, which is also a fiery planet on its own does not burn energy. It is always necessary to fuel ablaze. As the wood must constantly add to the fire, so the campaign must constantly maintained so that this planet could burn. It is unthinkable for Mars to be quiet. He must always be on the go and always have something to do, to be spent in order not to become destructive.

How the fire flares up easily if uncontrolled, and this can easily cause a fire. OBG fact that he constantly needs fuel easily get out of control if there is no discipline and control.

This can be most easily explained by the example of ambitious person rapidly progressing towards the highest position that you can achieve in his career. For all the people with whom you come in contact will watch as motor fuel, which leads to the goal. There will be a lot of Maritim what their actions do to others. They’ll want to admire him because he is stronger than the other, and stronger still ruled over the weak.

If problems in advancing to the top, it is difficult for those who happen to be nearby. For them to Mars exhibit all the frustration and anger, thereby destroying themselves and others.

This is a negative aspect of this planet, but of course there is also a positive one without which we see the world could not exist.

It is said that Mars was born in the country and to represent the flame that moves us. When balanced progress and brings to life to manifest itself. He is the invisible force that makes us want to move when we think about it we have no power.

Powerful set Mars gives a person the strength and energy to accomplish whatever he wants. This is a man who will come up with a disciplined strategy. When tired shall be withdrawn to gather strength and as soon as you feel ready returns stronger than ever. They will not admit defeat and failure. He may have lost a battle but not the war.

Mars is the seat of the internal energy known as Kundalini, whose awakening people experiencing higher states of consciousness. On the base, the base and foundation of all that exists.

If you want to find Mars, we’ll find him on the sports field to compete for five minutes of fame. Will respect your opponent, but it will not let him off without a fight. If you want to win you will have to confront him and show him that you are better than him. In this way, you gain their respect. Otherwise, if you try to do something insidiously will be worthy of his contempt. Then he will destroy you at any cost.

Mars itself has a fighting spirit, so that the martial arts presented this planet.

The best example of what we can provide this planet can be seen in the case of a monk – warriors in the Shaolin monastery.

If we want to have control over your life, we must meet three conditions: control and understanding of body, mind and spirit.

The first level teaches the mastery of the physical body through the difficult and extremely strenuous physical exercise. What greater control, this one is more likely to consciously control his life.

Chinese martial arts masters are able to manage the energy flows both in his body and the bodies of other creatures. This gives them the ability to do things that seem like miracles. Levitation, sitting in a cauldron with boiling water, healing the wounded city, bending spears whose top leaning against the door and the like.

At the next level are taught how to manage emotions and maintain mental purity. It also teaches mental strength, will and endurance. Development of external raw power and subtle, internal, should go simultaneously.

Then he goes into the realm of pure spirit, where it acquires complete control over life. Then discover the many mysteries and secrets.

Mars in this way gradually rises person. First he learns that a government material nature, the physical body and to fully take responsibility for their actions. Then he goes a step further in the management of energy flows in the body. Then he mastered his mind and emotional states. Finally we come to the spirit, the essence of all living beings and life in general.

Mars fire transforms the consciousness of people in this way, is a leading firm steps on the path of its own development.

Otherwise, when Mars unbalanced POSAT products of all kinds. Wars, starvation, mass death and everything else that is linked to a destructive behavior patterns arising from Mars that is out of control.

Mars has the power, if used properly gives life, otherwise destroys everything in its path without looking back for him. Because Mars is so much giving, but also collected, should be approached very carefully. Do not play with fire if you are not able to control it. You can start a fire that will be difficult to shut down operations.

Do you know what you talk Mars in your birth chart? Do you follow the way of the warrior? And if you follow the melody that Mars makes you play?

If you would like to get an answer to these and many other questions, the analysis of your natal chart you can provide them.