Mars the planet of action! Mars is the embodiment of life dynamism, passion and desire to change things …..

Each planet with its position and influence marks our personality traits, preferences and disadvantages, including Mars. It is very important the position of Mars in the birth chart, and transit, because he gives us that physical strength and energy needed to achieve an objective. Without a good influence of Mars would not be able to launch and implement our wishes. Mars shows our courage, determination, sexuality, the way to achieve victory.

Mars is the embodiment of life dynamism, passion and desire to change things. People who have emphasized in the horoscope Mars endowed with energy, enthusiasm, passion, aggressiveness. In any case, these are very active and dynamic person. A sign which is your Mars says a lot about how to take the initiative, as you gain reputation and as you get into something new.

Mars, the planet of action and energy, impact on events related to our body, strength, stamina, sexual desire, a sense of personal safety.

Mars showing its position in the natal chart how much we will be ready to show resourcefulness and initiative, whether we are people of action or passive. On the planet’s relatively slow because it takes about two years to move the whole zodiacal circle.

Opisujenačin that fight, to take initiative and to prove ourselves, which rapidly react and risk describes the will, according to what we feel passion for what we are sexually aroused, describes the physical strength, the spirit of competition and aggression.

Mars is Aries Valdar day and night ruler of Scorpio.

The sign remains 2 months. Energy, enthusiasm, action. On the war challenger, wind, avarice, brutality. Temperamental, brisk, brawler.

‘Dumber’ than Saturn. He does not like anyone to get ahead of him. retrograding

Mars has less pronounced competitive spirit, if I can not compete SASAME him.

Color: Red.
METAL: iron.
PRECIOUS STONE: ruby, diamond.
PLANT: cactus, nettle, all vegetation that have thorns.
Day: Tuesday.

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