MAXIMUM OPASNICA sign: Women in these three characters like “Hour”, or if they hurt Flee

They are beautiful, charming, sophisticated and would have done everything for the man she loved. Because of him and go through fire and water, if necessary, to the moon walk, or if she just makes her he turns back he’d better disappear from the face of the Earth. Discover which belong to the zodiac signs of the fatal and inexorable ladies.


Lioness krajnosti- the woman if she loves you, will love you no rest, but if not, she’ll hate your guts. Although the public is strong, almost untouchable and authoritative, she is in the arms of her man turns into a cuddly kitten. Her love relationship are very important items 2 – to be more authority than on her partner and to agree to a fantastic sex, because it is very sensual person. If these conditions are met, there is no obstacle to her happiness and emotional fulfillment.

Of course, her man has to admire her every day and as often says that the one and only and inimitable, a real masterpiece work. In addition, it is preferred that it is also superior in the intellectual.

However, the tale begins to crumble when he is due to break for the first time refused to make love to her. The next morning greeted by a car scratched key, because it’s a lioness Got to work in no time and without a shred of remorse, only that her ego back to normal. If you happen to look at someone younger or prettier than she should be ready with several hours of monologue. Lions have the power to each convince that black is white, so it will take advantage of this situation that is completely reversed and persuade a partner to more dislikes, how their relationship loses all meaning and the like, although it’s not the end mind.

If her as casually says that he feels that her hips seem a bit wider than last year, does not need to be surprised when it occurs all dolled up out of nowhere, climbed on the hood scratched the car and from its sizeable precious bags pulled out a hammer and break all glass while he in them. It will probably wait for the moment to be on them with someone else, in order to further embarrass, but it will not pose any disgrace for her.


It is a femme fatale in the very sense of the word, it will be with an incredible imagination and poisonous tongue. She is not interested in weaklings even average in any form of life she wished to take only the best! First, after which it will notice and always remember are her eyes. In fact, a look that hypnotizes and which lures “sacrifice” to immediately wants to make its prey. Does not this just because she chooses a man who her rivals in everything, or maybe even one that is even stronger than her, if possible. The man aware of himself, with whom can enjoy visokointelektualnim conversations and strange love game in bed is what keeps her heart and soul. It is not at all ashamed to show their deepest feelings and most hidden desires reveal that she loves, because it is neither interested in the whole world, but only a microcosm that has built for himself and partner.

However, if you accidentally try to overcome it or get him down and will be sanctioned. Maybe not immediately, but Scorpio has an excellent memory and know that revenge is best when served cold and will patiently wait for the right moment. It is very possessive and jealous so that her man should not think of not to look at another woman, let alone think about something else, because it considers that it should be the absolute owner of the hearts of those she loves. It is very intuitive and is capable of every iščačka innermost parts of the soul, almost as if it has a hidden power.

If the partner finds out something she did not like. In this case, it will not be a problem to you in the middle of her seductive dance tied to the bed, dressed in a Sado-masochistic equipment and the moment is lost. It will not disappear because it is part of her ritual before the sexual act, but will quietly leave the apartment, leaving the key under the mat and invite your mom to urgently come to you because it is, alas, something prevented. How will you explain that Mommy was not born a sick pervert but everything is just a game, it is not interested in Scorpio. If you manage to persuade the friend that you get into your bed before Mrs. mama arrives, it will be her complete triumph.


Sagittarius woman is not difficult to seduce any man, but it does not play on your looks but undeniably aktraktivnog them crazy with her mind. Adventure, always in the mood to try something unusual, incredible temperament dream of every man. She is finding the right one can enter a host connection, you will usually end violently because of its distinct temperament and ability to grope every weak spot and then bites while (metaphorically) does not bleed.

However, when it finds the one you wanted is ready to devote his maximum and to be true to life. For a man’s wife stellation may be perfect and beautifully packaged gift from God, but he is extremely must take account of their behavior, because it will be otherwise all backfire.

It is impatient, but if her dear delaying something and she would now and immediately everything on it will be poured out a whole flood of angry and for a lady no appropriate words. Although it may not work on some herds error when overcome by rage she lost control of herself and knows how to offend the other side to exhaustion. If her other half to be more successful than what it will do everything in his success that comes out of the nose because the real master to create unpleasant situations from nothing. There is no need to feel that whatever gesture you say your jealous, she would at least little things make a drama if you screwed it into his head that something is compromised.

She was the one to break the dinner service that you donated your grandmother before dumbstruck relatives just because she not praised appetizer or you spill a drink in the face in a crowded restaurant, leaving you in amazement and two hours later will make as if nothing has happened and umiljavaće you like girls. It does this because her love life is the main sphere and if that blunder and fail, he knows he will not be able to for a long time to recover. Therefore, choosing perhaps not the best ways to beloved man holding next to you, because it believes that small (at least it’s considered such) evil one precious spice to your relationship gives a real taste.