Mayan horoscope is the most accurate WORLD: Make sure that you sign and what awaits

Mayan astrological signs have been divided into 19 zodiac signs in the astrological system developed by the ancient Mayans

Mayan astrological signs have been divided into 19 zodiac signs in the astrological system developed by the ancient Mayans.

CHEN: from 2 January to 21 January

People who are born under the sign of Chen’s are a night person and prefer night than day. Time before dusk and before dawn is the right time for you and then you have the greatest power in yourself. During this period, the best feeling, and then the most fun. You have a natural inclination to the lunar energy. Your cardinal direction is facing west and west during meditation can be very helpful to you.

YAX from 22 January to 10 February

All who are born under the sign of Yax-have affinity for those persons who are also born under the sign Yax-a. Venus is your ruling planet, and you are by nature a gentle and loving. Start your peace ability to bring harmony to all persons who are close to you. This is a great gift that you have to be a guardian of peace in these times and can do a good job in the world. Your cardinal direction is South.

SAC: from 11 February to 2 March

Persons who were born in the sign-Sac and have affinity with the time of day, that function best from dawn to dusk. Do you like the morning, and then the best feeling. Try to think and create new jobs during the morning hours because of great wisdom for you just then come. Your cardinal direction is north. The frog is a powerful animal for you. Meaning frogs is that they are easily adaptable during some changes. Frogs can quickly and easily move from one phase to another. Accept the changes that come into your life. Your strength is in the changes.

KEH from March 3 to March 22

All those born under the sign Keh-a love nature and natural balance. You can their efforts and actions to help to return to the natural order of our planet. You have the energy of fire and red represents power to you. Meditation in the forest will help you develop your natural strength. Your world is in the East and your totem animal is gentle and noble deer.

MAK: from 23 March to 11 April

People who are born under the sign Mak’s one of the greatest mysteries of Mayan astrological signs. The meaning of your sign is less clearly defined than other astrological signs. Mak is a mystery and it makes you a good person. Do your best when you defend someone close to you. The word that describes your sign and containment, which once again indicates that hiding something or that you have withdrawn. Often you spend your free time in reflection and meditation. If you take time for yourself and you are far away from each other, discover secrets. Your number is the number 3. Number 3 is considered as the number of deities, balance and completion.

Kankin from 12 April to 1 May

Most of the time you spend in the sun with meditation, because you probably easiest to come up with new ideas and conclusions. If possible and if you get a chance, you must try to meditate in a cave, or at least visit the cave and you will discover what it really means peace and quiet. Your totem animal is a dog, especially a yellow dog. The dogs are well known for their loyalty, but less well known feature of dogs is not possess incredible inner strength.

Muwan from 2 May to 21 May

Those persons who are born under the sign Muwan have the affinity for fire and water. Accept these two elements. Especially during storms when the fire and water are present in the form of rain and lightning. Storm gives you extra power. Your totem animal was the owl, which is also known as the Maya moan bird. Owls have a remarkable ability to see. Owls, according to the Maya prophets who can reveal the truth that is associated with them.

PAX: from 22 May to 10 June

Those persons who were born in the period of Pax’s inherent to the animal totem Jaguar. Jaguar is very important animals of the Mayan culture. They represent leadership. Your personal power as the power of the leaders of a nation. Accept this power and you will notice how you follow people who are near you. Also when something outline, you go ahead like an arrow as long as it does not happen. Use the drum life. This will bring stability in life. Your element is a pair, a mix between earth, water and fire. Combine these three elements in life.

Kayaba: from 11 June to 30 June

Those born under the sign of Kayaba’s have a natural affinity for the month, and spiritual endeavors. You will probably find yourself looking for the deep meaning of the word moon. The turtle is your totem animal. Turtles are deep in the Mayan culture as the bearers of ancient wisdom and the holders of the country. As is known turtles are very slow, so you also should love all to work slowly and with caution.

KUMKO from July 1 to July 20

People who are born under the astrological sign KUMKO have the need for the vast majority spend their free time in nature. Your animal totem is the crocodile. Crocodiles have the gift of survival, time and patience. Crocodiles are one of the few species that survived Mesozoika period when most reptiles and dinosaurs extinct. At the power of longevity and stability. You do not accept change easily, but when it comes time for yourself and you want something to change.

Wayeb: from 21 July to 25 July

Wayeb a period of only five days a year, unlike other symbols Mayans where the range of 20 days. During Wayeb a period Maja natural balance is disturbed. It was a time when other forces came to earth and when ghosts walk the earth. Being born under this sign does not mean that you will be lucky in life. This means that you probably have a strong bond with the other world and in other areas. Try to accept.

POP: from 26 July to 14 August

People who are born under the sign of Pop’s leaders. I jaguar and the head are in positions of power in the ancient Mayan culture. You donostiti clear vision and direction for those people who are in your environment. Your gift is to keep the people around you and to be a leader. Do you have an affinity for the country, as well as meditation that will help you perfect your leadership. Just like the jaguar you like to get things going in a hurry.

WO: from 15 August to 3 September

People who are born under the sign of Wo’s have a lot of similarities with the Mayan astrological signs Che’n and Sac-a. Most of wisdom you have after an hour after dusk and before the first rays of the sun. As with the Sac and at your totem animal is the frog. As the frog and you can jump from one level to another completely. And it allows you to do different jobs. You probably mystical person who looks for hidden wisdoms and mysteries.

ZIP: from 4 September to 23 September

People born under the astrological sign of the Mayan Zip-a have a strong affinity towards the elements of air and fire. Your power as a force deer, and also this is your animal totem. Jelen is a symbol of grace and connection to the forest. Deer can be a noble leader in the forest environment. Accept the energy and generosity that you have and try to make it in the right way. Your strength lies in the red.

CTD: from 24 September to 13 October

If you were born in the sign-Zotz and you have two animal totems, such as fish and bat. It is interesting that one has the ability to move freely in the air, while others can move freely in the water. Air and water are the elements to which you have a strong affinity. A bat is a very sensitive animals and used his strength with the help of intuition, sensitivity and ability to see through illusions. Aries represents the consciousness and depth. Your animal totem fish and bat are combined and provides you with a deep intuition that is not available in most people.

TZEC from 14 October to 2 November

Persons born under the signs of the zodiac are very particularly unique to one of two components: the ground and sky (wind, air). Probably you are fascinated by the sky and you are interested in all the things in your mind that are worse. The air element of mental energy, and the country is an element of practicality. Between these two and you have a gift to examine each situation, you can easily detect if someone is lying. This is a great gift and we need to accept it and make the best possible way.

XUL from 3 November to 22 November

People who are born under the sign of Xul’s are closely associated with animal totems dog. The dog is a very important animal for the Mayans. The Maya believed that the dogs water in the next life, when the dog passes them. As a result, people who are born under this zodiac sign possess some traits of the dog such as loyalty, strength and dedication. Dogs can help you get rid of the fear of death.

Yaxkin: 23 November to 12 December

All those born under this sign have a Mayan astrological connection with the Mayan Sun God Ah Kin. He secured and protected them from the darkness, drought and disease. Those who are born in this period are natural healers. This character has a bad side, and it is suspected. Ah Kin was known for having been the bearer of doubt and indecision. Learn to trust your decisions and the decisions of the people around you.

MOL: from 13 December to 1 January