Maybe it’s just VI: The three zodiac sign are the worst in bed

Do not worry, this classification applies only to the typical representatives of certain characters. If you do find the description given on precautions and side effects consult with your astrologer.

Cancer is a delicate and requires maximum attention and emotional support. That’s not bad, but sometimes can be very burdensome when sex becomes routine and ties when we expect little change and innovation. Of cancer can not be očekivuje initiatives. More tears certainly does not excite the libido in them drowning and tone. Who’s in bed needed a good cook and caring “patch”?

This frigid queen can not even his appearance to excite or inflame the imagination. Buttoned up to the neck, she prefers it unattractive clothes that someone accidentally would not characterize it as immoral. Her emotions are pure and calculations, while making love with you, thinking about the next steps. How could you possibly have to be relaxed and spontaneous?

He was born without any idea that it might have originated out of love. For Capricorn sex game for the poor, totally irrelevant and trivial sentence of life created for business. It’s okay “discharge” from time to time, but it’s all supply and demand. After all, the market is pretty saturated range, a Capricorn does not like when things are “on izvol’te”.