Maybe that’s TODAY: Discover what’s your lucky day and how it helps you to be successful in EVERYTHING

Calendars, timing and astrology they changed together with the development and progress of Western culture. Traditional astrology, once highly respected and used, it is much neglected and forgotten due to modern work environment and everyday life.

However, it still exists and we can use the advantages that it provides us and improve their quality of life. Have you ever wondered what do the names of days of the week? Did you know that it is, therefore, every day favorable for some action? Every day, under the influence of certain planets. From now on, you do not have to bother thinking about how to arrange your days and how to create a good schedule of their activities. See what day of the week what it means and what it is best to use.

Monday is Moon Day. This is the beginning of the week and the day we usually surrounded by people. That is why Monday favorable for the conclusion of social and business contacts, but also for family and friendly gatherings. Moon managed directly from the emotional life of each of us, is the emphasis given to just feelings. This positive day gives us the ability to manage them well.

Tuesday is the day of Mars. Therefore we mainly this day full of positive energy and confidence. Solving difficult tasks, insurmountable obstacles, stubborn problems and all your concerns are about to leave on Tuesday, due to Mars, which gives us the strength to do it. On Tuesday, however, be izegavati rasparve of any kind, because the quarrelsome Mars ready for anything.

Wednesday is the day which is ruled by Mercury. Therefore, it is a day when we are the best of hands doing mental work. Learning, studying, studying, writing, reading … all mental activity to the Mercury’s day should you go out of your hands. Dan is also very advantageous for the communication of any kind: phone, internet, or live meetings. On this day we’re all smarter and brighter than usual.

Thursday is the day of the planet Jupiter. This day use by going to face huge issues, problems and human destinies. Jupiter is, as is well known, the planet of happiness and optimism, so make the most of an uncertain and insecure things. Juputer will certainly be with you.

Friday is the day of Venus charming. Working week ends and begins the weekend for most people. During the day, enjoy the abundance of fine manners, smile and harmonies that brings this wonderful day. In addition, it is known that Venus is the planet of love, and all kinds of romantic encounters, love relationships, passionate moments, the best and most precisely on this day.

Saturday is the day of the week ruled Saturn. Saturn is the planet of discipline, responsibility and organization, which complicates things and makes sure they get out of control. Therefore, this day slow down, pay attention to detail and spend time with elderly people who can give you a wise and useful advice.

Sunday is the day of the sun. This day, as we all know, favorable for rest and relaxation. In addition, this is a day dedicated to the noble activities, as well to show kindness and be generous to people. Become a better person because Sun wants it to be.