Medical Astrology: Stars reveal why you will probably end up in hospital!

Do you know what you will try to “get head”?

The stars were all able to predict on the basis that when you were born. The zodiac signs are so specific that every aspect of life can be predicted on the basis of their most important characteristics.

Thus, according to the merits and demerits of a horoscope signs, astrologers resolve to tackle and medicine, and to predict what will most likely lead to the hospital.

RAM: “I crashed the bike.”

BIK: “This idiot did not stop and hit me while I was crossing the street.”

GEMINI: “I’m here with friends …”.

RAK: “I cooked soup boyfriend and I spilled the whole pot by myself and now I have third degree burns.”

LAV: “Someone told me that I was ugly, so I tried to hit him, but I missed and hit his fist into the wall.”

VIRGO: “Hey, I’m working here! Pass it on. ”

SCALE: “I had a panic attack.”

SCORPIO: “Someone pushed me down the stairs.”

SCORER: “One grandmother was driving a scooter, but it was terribly slow, so I told her to hurry up and then we crossed over a scooter leg.”

CAPRICORN: “I worked five nights in a row and I fainted.”

AQUARIUS: “I was walking my little mermaid and she is pushed into the well and found himself in Narnia.”

FISH: “I was thinking about something and hit my head on a pole.”