Mercury in Aquarius in the birth chart-What we think and how to communicate? (ASTRO)

Mercury in Aquarius in the natal chart indicates ingenious person full of bright, original ideas and great creative potential. It indicates the speed of the mind, uplifting communication, continuous učenje- easily expressed through speech and writing. He gives the gift of inventiveness and fondness for literature, poetry, avant-garde theater and modern science. Attracted by the occult. Sociable, mentally independent, unpredictable, has the power of discernment, visionary nastrojen- has a casual and special access that is imbued with the attitudes, behavior and actions of subordinates an ideal. It is associated with each individual in the group with the simultaneous awareness of group processes communication- thinking in the spirit of ingenious experiments examining their own theories on others. May be prone to extremes, first advocated a thesis that would suddenly changed his mind. This is because it is constantly seeking personal freedom and loves to explore the possibility of change. The problem in effectively presenting the plan resulting in inconsistencies in the way of thinking that is. incoherence of ideas, because it is fickle in projects and can spread around nervous mental energy. You must learn to “stop” and found himself because of his speed of thought and frequent changes in thinking the other person can not follow.

This is the time news, innovations and original ideas. As communication is concerned, we will not listen to the same, boring story, but we will have the opportunity to hear something new, unusual, something that will give us food for thought. We will be eager to know new people-unusual, original communication because it has a lot of old patterns and the people that we deplete their pessimistic stories and passive attitude. The exchange of ideas will go without a hitch, the interested will discuss new subjects with new acquaintances, emphasized will be meeting people over the Internet (new technology) and integration into the group with the same ideology.

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