Mercury in comparative aspect HOROSKOPA-Mutual aspects of the planet

Mercury in positive aspect with Mercury
Always gives similar views of the world, ways of thinking are extremely compatible between the two partners, communication can flow without stopping, but still the main source of intellectual stimulation passion (if there is no aspect between Venus and Mars).

Mercury in positive aspect with Venus
Gorgeous and very productive combination that really helps people get dramatic situation regarding pass quite easily.
While others may seem that this pair a bit sketchy, it is far from the truth, in fact they consciously decide to be positive, and to their great quality.

Mercury in positive aspect with Mars
-the perfect combination of all couples that need stimulation, enthusiasm and energy (such as coaches and players, etc.), and the emotional partners even positive aspects can bring rashness and impulsiveness.
Top of this aspect is full of sincerity, but partners should be referred to the importance of this component in the relationship.

Mercury in positive aspect with Jupiter
-Extremely supportive combination, which in virtually all relationships brings prosperity and wealth.
Although not of itself indicate emotion and passion can be of enormous help lovers, because it brings to all the formal stuff and plans are realized in a desired manner.

Mercury in positive aspect with Saturn
Students and the most positive aspects (sextile and trine), bring difficulties or at least block the pair to open up and show his emotions.
Here the communication before the beginning of formal relations no doubt be very long!

Mercury in positive aspect to Uranus
-iznova not so emotional aspect, but great combinations in the transfer of knowledge, Advisory, and all relations in which communication is the basis.
There is a very profound mental exchange, which is a huge quality of steam.

Mercury in positive aspect to Neptune
-communication between these two people must be mystified or objectively there are things that are not said.
On a spiritual level (teacher of meditation, yoga, feng shui and the like. / Student), gives a great transfer of knowledge, or at a formal level in a relationship can create strange and aggravating circumstances.

The best of this aspect: artist / inspiration.

Mercury in positive aspect to Pluto gives unusually deep communication.
It can easily be determined by karmic ties, and certainly there is an important and crucial reason why these two people met (closer and more details about these reasons you will see from the position of the Moon, Venus and Saturn).