Mercury retrograde and karma-Retrograde planets are meditative!

Mercury went retrograde stroke and Mars entered the sign of Pisces. Before all of the warnings about pohisterišemo retro Mercury, this text sanctify the positive side of any retrograde planets, and therefore Mercury.

The retrograde planets are much more active on the subjective and subconscious level, their movement is slow and illuminates parts of the personality that we did not get to know the daily habits and mechanical reactions. Retrograde planets are instinctive, karmic, one of the parties is an extraordinary process of reflection that are often blurred, timeless, karmic and somewhat mysterious.

A person by the retrograde planet meets your subconscious symbolism regarding the date of the planet, through intuitive signs or indications that it is not the not the clearest. In this regard, people with a lot of retrograde planets may be very intelligent and talented, intuitive, and a little rejected and excluded from the times in which they live.

They may have very vivid dreams, recognizable images from the past life that remind them of something they did or what they should do in this life. They can have the vision or the inner voice that guides them through certain moments. The perception of these people is very evident, but does not correspond to the times we live in, the other is interpreted as distorted, incomprehensible and impractical. Therefore, it happens that people with retrograde planets too ahead of its time.

Can often be too behind the times, because they do not recognize the new system until it does not know and does not experience the one in which their souls lived. These are people like thrown at one time, while their reactions do not match this time. Awareness of the retrograde planet is best compared to a silent observer to sit on the sidelines, analyze and interpret all the people and things that go through a person’s life.

Retrograde planets are meditative and almost always have an interesting story behind its symbolism. Mercury retrograde in the natal chart is about the reverse process of learning, they are people who do not remember the details, can be very, according to some standards, poor students, but the thing about them is that taking the substance and essence of the content, not detail. For example, they do not learn, the more they keep their idea of ​​war. It happens that they do not know basic things, but they are timeless thinkers and philosophers.

Very easy to penetrate into the essence of life and science, but details are not interested. Mercury retrograde as it is not interested in the fact, but what is behind it, therefore, the people and the conditions that create these facts. It will continue to perceive the world completely isolated from it, as it does not even live in it. Usually triggered some topics that are difficult, unprovable, and any chance of people Mercury retrograde usually have a proof of this. They like to work independently and do not like condemnation. The best way to express Mercury retrograde is through art, writing, poetry, diary films. Especially those films that brighten the subconscious, fears and a philosophy of life.

Current Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, clay, cardinal sign, and his role is to bring us back to the roots of the past and history, to remind us of causal relationship and connection with nature, and the law itself. This is Mercury, which had to be reviewed, and the structure of the system and trying to find their own role in all of this, and as far as we know, applicable and helpful to our family, work and daily life.

This is a period in which all you plan to do can be easily degenerate, because the energy of Mars in Pisces, but we have not the strength to endure to the end. Passive and lazy, we want to strive or to our previous efforts seem useless (because Mercury is in Capricorn and reviewing work and ambition), especially in relation to the period in which we are active, enterprising and courageous.

This is a favorable period for all forms of creative expression, the reasons for this are Mars in the artistic Pisces and Mercury retrograde in its fly. How is in Capricorn, he also speaks of criticism, namely self-criticism. It should not be so hard on yourself and your actions, especially those motivated Mars, who just wants to get lost in the desires and freedom.

The conflict awareness and instinct becomes obvious in Capricorn, who wants to control what he does or what others are doing, while trying to justify why they behave greedily, lost and aimless. With the Mercury’s see what we do, but they still do it. The success of the tests is not guaranteed, as well as the success of the business. Caution is in this sign refers to contract signing, paper, work in a team, initiating projects to bank accounts, travel. It is possible that our thoughts will be focused on one thing, and (because we are forced to work or responsibilities) shares to another thing; Mistakes will happen accordingly.

Communication can also be difficult, because we will for self-criticism and be more sensitive to other people’s criticism. Anxiety obligations that we carry with us, and which we have imposed on the volume will be pressurized environment that also works. We have in front of you during conflicts and misunderstandings, melancholy and depression, suffering in times past and happier life.

How Mercury disposes Saturn, but he is optimistic Sagittarius, samorefleskije can lead to changing the philosophy of life or even finding some practical solutions that come to us in moments of inspiration and meditation. How Mercury retrograde in your subconscious has access, it is certain that it will pull out of both good and bad. Good ideas are concerned, a bad fears and frustrations. Saturn also indicates the time, but with Mercury retrograde, in this period purified karma, going back to the things we were doing and, with a greater level of awareness and a deeper understanding of life and people.

Can we even contact people who remind us of what we were going to be and with whom they need to get something heavy and release emotions. Of course, no matter what was happening in our lives, actions to be undertaken will apply to collective karma, because a general level, we are all one soul and one energy. On a specific level, the energy of Mercury retrograde everyone will feel it in their own karmic way, would not you done or understand one of the karmic lesson.

At times just do not know what we know, and yet we have the feeling that we once knew. Any sense of well-known indicator of past life, because as the mind remembers, remembers and soul. With that the soul remembers sensations, and mind the information about it. They are often stored and interpreted in accordance with existing criteria, and therefore sensation and information are not the same. Sensation as opposed to information is an attempt to adapt to the soul of the individual and provide her a deeper insight into the convenience of the information available.

Keep your soul, because only wear it on the other side.

“… in that short time while the coin in the air, and suddenly you realize that you hope …”

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