Mercury retrograde in Aquarius-be careful when purchasing real estate, cars and valuables …..

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius – be alert to his actions but also highlight its positive side. Mercury retrograde period is not favorable for buying devices is presented technical problems with the technology (car, mobile phone, computer, etc.), The disposal of travel or transportation problems.
Do not sign contracts and if you have to read the fine that would have been overlooked, do not start new activities or jobs without adequate preparation or without sufficiently clear plan because it would otherwise be obstacles appear and failure. Important arrangements and business meetings Always check twice to avoid confusion, delays. Be careful when purchasing real estate, cars and valuables as well as during the transport of valuables either at their purchase or transfer of such. transport the move. Do not carry credit. Problems with ATMs and all kinds of cards. If you order something do not be surprised if there is defective goods and of course late delivery. Caution and traffic. Keep an eye on your wallet and documents, more often if you happen to forget where you put them in the worst case, we could lose them (theft). Business- if you accept a new commitment for a longer period might be disappointed but if you go to a new job, it is better to restrict the 1-3mj., And subsequently decide whether to stay. Do not go to a mechanic if you do not have and if you have then you will make sure all is well corrected. Do not give real estate or buy neku- this kind of thing usually comes to big promises, or expectations, that are at the end of the establishment that are not rational.
Do not make things so black because Mercury retro is not a villain, this period has positives and some of us on in life leads those people with whom we have long been in contact, and we want to restore. We are dealing with situations that are part of the past-paying overdue bills, pass exams at school and in college that we were tortured for a long time, finally clean the mess in the main housing and scatter unnecessary and make room for the new in your life. You can get some information, announcements, news or confirmation of something that you wait for some time. He’ll have some things borrowed type of reimbursement, claims and Fig. Plan new projects but do not run. During this period of great ideas you can think! It is time to get rid of the mental burden, slow down their movement and rest in order to be able to focus on priority items. All those obligations that you have put off now complete, after which you will be able to reorganize their plans and realize them quickly when the mercury goes directly!
The period of Mercury retrograde gives us the ability to deep insight into ourselves, make the most of it!