Mercury – your way of thinking and communication skills …… what Mercury says about us?

In one sign stays from 15 days to 2 months. Um, expression devoid of emotion. Approaches where they will benefit. Writing is easy to solve all the problems, a good speaker. He loves art and travel. Mercury retrograde means much deeper thought process. A person rarely brings hasty conclusions.

COLOR: red, purple.

METAL: alive.


PLANT: lilac, lily of the valley.

DAN: Environment.

Mercury – your way of thinking and communication skills

In ancient mythology Mercury is the god of speech, travel, messenger of the gods, protector of merchants and thieves. Astrologers see in him a symbol of behavior, speech, writing, knowledge, learning, intellect, reason. The versatility, speed and agility are his strengths. The position of Mercury in your birth chart determines your style of communication and the way we think. He points to one area of ​​life that most preoccupy your mind and stimulate thinking. Talk about how much you practice, if you are sloppy and do you have a sense of humor.

Of course that only position in the sign and the house is not enough to gain a complete picture of the nature of your Mercury. Are also important aspects to be formed on the other planets, in which the signs and houses aspected planets, planets, which are their dispositor, where they are located on the zodiac, etc. Astrology is not easy and simple art. However, the position of your Mercury is the key to understanding your style of communication with the environment and the way you think.

Mercury in Aries

The key word is impulsiveness

People with Mercury in Aries are imaginative, have a good look at everything and in everything they want to be first. It is easy to express and extraordinary improvise, combat both love a good debate. Sometimes I can be stubborn.

Mercury in Taurus

The key word is concreteness

People with Mercury in Taurus have been interested in money and material goods, arts and the opposite sex. Do not immediately accept new ideas, but when you accept something, do not give up. More rely on life experience than the book.

Mercury in Gemini

The key word is talkativeness

This position of Mercury gives people a remarkable vocabulary, enjoy learning, easily and skillfully communicate. Their thoughts are lightning speed, charming, often gesturing. Logical reasoning has reached its maximum.

Mercury in Cancer

The key word is receptivity

A careful listener, compassionate toward others, but has problems when it seeks to objectively think, because there always intervene own emotions. Sometimes flashes intuition, loves poetry. Very emotional and easily succumb to their senses.

Mercury in Leo

Keyword positivity

Considering a dramatic way, but there is always on the heart, a visionary and an idealist. Dignity and the cost to them is to make an impression on others. They love them as authorities, they are very capable to solve problems.

Mercury in Virgo

Keyword methodical

Considering coolly logical and impartial, analytical and practical. They are interested in many things and can be persuasive interlocutor. They know that knowledge into a tangible benefit. Common sense and fairness, also brings Mercury in Virgo.

Mercury in Libra

Keyword diplomacy

Friendly, open-minded and rationality can be strict when it comes to their own principles. Horrified by the injustice. They hate arguments and trying to find joint solutions. Crave intellectual achievements, love art.

Mercury in Scorpio

Keyword sharpness

Critical, skeptical and sometimes secretive and suspicious, to Mercury in Scorpio. A person with this Mercury is very difficult to get her to change her mind. Determination is endless and so steadfast that a person can all obstacles in order to achieve what he wants.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Keyword independence

Honest with a sense of sardonic humor, impulsive, often say something and not thinking about the consequences. Sometimes you get to the truth by intuition. People with this kind of Mercury are generous, fair and do not like anyone to deceive.

Mercury in Capricorn

Keyword seriousness

Diligent, careful, honest, penetrating mind, extraordinary remember facts and figures. Can be tactical and skilled diplomat, having a clear reasoning and ideas used for practical purposes. Realist rather than an idealist, with strong samodiscplinom. Support for traditional values.

Mercury in Aquarius

Keyword originality

People who have Mercury in Aquarius have a strong intuition and usually a good estimate of human nature, the discerning and cheerful spirit. The ability to abstract thinking, studious and social. Easily write and speak. Interested in science, the occult inclined.

Mercury in Pisces

Keyword reflexivity

Expressed intuition, learn absorbing knowledge, rather than studying textbooks, romantic and poetic spirit. Usually you hide what you think, open only close friends and relatives. This points to the dilemma, are subject to external influences, leading to changing moods. He likes to be well-informed about everything, a person who has Mercury in Pisces.