Merkur-God of travel, passengers and communication, trade!

Planets: Mercury

Meaning: God of travel, passengers and communication, trade / messenger of the gods

Resides in the sign of 7 and a half

Element: Earth

Nature: Cold and dry

Temperament: Melancholy

Features: Communications, young people, work, short journeys, siblings, hands, nervous system, books, lungs, intelligence, vision, glasses, fingers, ideas, memory, learning, newspapers, magazines, speech teacher, writing

Harmonious expression: logic, sense, precision, skill, curiosity, diversity

Inharmonious manifestations of insomnia, stress, indecision, pedantry, superficiality, talkativeness, irritability, conflict, profanity, sarcasm, gossip,

Headquarters: Gemini and Virgo

Exaltation: Virgo

Expulsion: Sagittarius and Pisces

Pad: Fish