Month-changing moods, self-defense, self-pity, manipulation, life in the past ….

Planets: Moon

Meaning: From the English words Moon, which is derived from the name of god Mani

Resides in the sign of 2 and a half

Element: Water

Nature: Cold and wet

Temperament: Flegamtik

Features: emotions, intuition, history, mother, public, ocean, stomach, breast, lymphatic system, baby, brain, common sense, awareness, digestive organs, emotions, environment, habits, instincts, memory, receptivity, security, wife, dreams, imagination, unconscious mind, agriculture, labor, fishermen, communities, liquids, Monday

Harmonious expression: empathy, care, flexibility in the company, clairvoyance, protection of other people’s magnetism.

Inharmonious expression: changing moods, self-defense, self-pity, manipulation, life in the past, stress, indecision, procrastination, negativity, bad impressions, lightheadedness

Headquarters: Cancer

Exaltation: Taurus

Expulsion: Capricorn

Pad: Scorpio