Month-dive into your subconscious! What are you talking about the moon? (Astrology)

In addition to the Sun, the Moon has the strongest influence in the birth chart of all the other planets. He managed our night activities, dreams, intuition and mystery. The Government of our subconscious and emotions.

Its movement through the Zodiac

and changing mena affect and change our emotional state and behavior. The sign in which the moon struck at the time of your birth determines how you react emotionally to the world around them. On the horoscope is your mother, wife, family, soul, folk, popular …

The Moon is a natural ruler of the zodiac sign Cancer and the fourth house.

Domicile in Cancer.

Exile in Capricorn.

Exaltation in Taurus.

The fall in Scorpio.

Appearance: beautiful stature, round face, fuller

Moon in hard aspect to the Sun: the lack of an eye or near the eye

Moon in hard aspect to 2, 5, 8, 11 house, on the corner of the nebula stars: endangered sight

Metal: Silver

Gemstone: pearl, moonstone

Day: Monday

It describes: his childhood, his mother, a house, a family, a married woman, emotions, daily events, the way they act and feel, susceptibility to influence, mental aptitude, how to adapt, how to behave like a mother or to his mother, popularity

Symbol: child up to 4 years, the public, pregnant, restaurant, kitchen, housewife, lake, aquarium, soul, pond, midwives, nurses, fluid in Tiel, pub, food, fertility, dreams, change, wife, mother, fisherman, sailor, maid, housekeeper

The house in which the moon there is the greatest relationship with intimacy, a relationship similar to that of the mother, indicating where changes are taking place, where we are the most emotional shows an area where there is a need for security, which is manifested connection with the past

Month to insert characters are feeling stressed, expressing emotions, difficulty in communication and speech difficulties, withdrawn, a sense of rejection, when the communicative tends to be very successful

Month idling, nespektovan: boring and monotonous life, slow thinking, insulation, vegetate, sluggish, physically vulnerable, afraid to express love for fear of being rejected, fear of failure

Moon emphasized: he wants to retain the past, sensitive, imaginative, effeminate man

In women’s horoscope: talk about health problems, a stronger impact on women than on men, describing her when she marries, to himself as wife and mother

In the men’s horoscope describes his wife and mother, wife problems if poorly aspected, his picture of a woman (with the Moon in Capricorn requires a lot of women)

Disease: problems with the stomach, breast, uterus, bladder, problems with vision (right eye left women and men), mental illness, problems with conception and pregnancy

Month bad: emotional disorders, bad mood, capriciousness, depression, insomnia, nightmares, lack of fluid in the eyes, lung problems, the mother does not provide a sense of security, so it is later requested

Moon very strong: causing kapha disorder, swollen lymph glands, edema, obesity, are not serious health problems, shows a strong mother

Month well aspected: popularity, ability, gentle, shy, peace-loving, crowd favorite generous, sensitive, gentle, understanding the other, mother and wife help and exert influence, capable of forgiving, happy childhood

Moon in good aspect with ASC showing emotions, the mother plays an important role in the life

Month inconjunct the ASC – native is too sensitive

Moon in good aspect to the MC – popular with the public

Month badly aspected – difficult to adapt to life, has a negative image of themselves, unhappy, vagabond, she does not like drinking, volatile, too sensitive, it can not be affirmed, can not take advantage of the potential of the sun, out of work, avoid responsibility, childish dreamer, nervous , traumatic relationships with parents, problematic family relations especially with his mother and wife or female relatives, not spontaneous, frustration in childhood, others to blame for their mistakes

Month heavily aspected: a lot of sensation, instability, change, time up and down time, bohemian, a gambler, a turbulent love life