Month in challenging aspect to Saturn, Mars, Venus, Neptune …..

Month in challenging aspect to Saturn, Mars, Venus, Neptune, making it vulnerable and inflexible. The moon represents the soul of man and his way of perception of the environment and how today the Moon in Virgo, soul and perception are influenced by Mercury, therefore more analytical and intellectual. Virgo is an earth sign tends prudence and arguments. With dispositor of the Moon, Mercury in Capricorn has further reinforced this need for proof, arguments, security, discipline. Everything tells us that today we want to organize my thoughts, control of emotional reactions, maybe we do not want to think about someone or something, our priority is jobs and stick to it. Well, the moon in this state, in which he does not realize harmonious aspects to Mars, Venus and Neptune.

Venus is still in Pisces, and exalted in the world of imagination, great expectations, which is in opposition to the Moon. This aspect of the seesaw between wishes and perceptions, impulses and thoughts. Venus wants to renew love and ecstasy, while the moon is trying to rationalize such wishes. One from the perspective of a Device seem unnecessary and can only make some trouble. This is a very good aspect, though tense, because it provides a clear insight into what you should not want, at least not now that you did not create the conditions for it. This aspect also speaks of the need to see clearly the expectations of the emotional ties and partners, as is the desire of one thing, and everyday life, habits, work, another thing. If you should describe the aspect, it is forbidden aspect of things, which by nature therefore they are forbidden look more attractive, but also the aspect of existence of conflict and ideals.

Aspect is also an insight into what really žeilmo, and that is realistically achievable, so that although stressful aspect, the opposition is good to plan things, especially when we have the signs of Pisces and Virgo. What realistically perceive their needs, the greater the ability to achieve them without any feelings of frustration moments. But that they were possible, they are. These days there is a sobering because we are forced to see more clearly the situation and guided by intuition and caution, we will very likely give up some plans. Another, not so naive aspect is the square of the moon and Saturn. As the Saturn is in Sagittarius, refers primarily to the discipline, but also the critical thinking and questioning all imposed rules.

Sagittarius is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom, and the expansion of faith, but with Saturn in the sign, we will become more serious and more committed in relation to what we believe in even if it means to go against each other. In a dysfunctional context, these are our limitations and fears about a loss of freedom or ideas that we represent. As if they themselves are not sure whether the way in which we act and react the best for us. Through the sign of Sagittarius, Saturn rises, release the clamp, which is acquired to its own laws and rules again renewed in Capricorn, where he returns to his seat. In Capricorn, taught by previous experience, we will be much more determined, more serious and more able to fight for themselves, for now we’re still looking at what is the most practical and most exalted for us at the moment. In this connection, square Moon in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius is not as intense, as the ratio of the Virgin supports the achievement Saturnovskih impact. It gives practical, necessary information, knowledge and determination to bring matters to an end, consistency and most importantly commitment, without the need for further review.

Since the dispositor of Venus and Saturn, Jupiter in Libra, we suggest that the field of interest related to emotional relationships. Libra is the sign that seeks balance, fair and sociable, but also tend to avoid discussions. In this regard, what we learn through a period of Saturn in Sagittarius, will be largely tied to the tactic in love, independence in relation to the partners, as well as fairness and raising awareness in relation to the other. Of course, the room Venus in Pisces, love becomes an end in itself, but excludes any external factors that may affect it, so the opposition of Venus and the Moon are no longer under tension, rather than the square of the moon and Saturn, although it is generally Saturn much heavier and stronger planet from Venus. But as in the case of Venus and moon have sobering, in the case of the moon and Saturn we have a corroboration of what we already know.

The moon is also in opposition to Mars in Pisces. In the last zodiacal sign, the energy of Mars is dying, it is evident that it can be sickly, sensitive, not combative, and often dragged into conflicts, this would mean that the area of ​​Mars in Pisces attract the things you want, we become more susceptible to stress and injuries, colds are unavoidable, and skin problems. Mars in a water sign has lost the status of the fire. Now the energy is spent on the arts, meditation, spirituality, this is the only goal to be in the moment, but separated from all possible obstacles. Therefore, this Mars withdrew into himself and often avoids conflicts though somehow gets sucked into them. Love as desire, flirting, something forbidden is active in this period, as both Mars and Venus in the same sign.

Mars is in opposition to the moon and can not, unfortunately, to follow, I mentally, all this business commitments. This would mean that we have beautiful plans to move forward, but we do not know from which we started. It is easier for us to re-write what we all do for the day, but to actually do something about it. So these days from work nothing or very little.

On the other hand, due to the opposition, we have a conflict of energy and emotion that can be a very good inspiration for writing, painting, photography, because the love of Venus needs can best be rinsed Mars in the same sign, under Device sharpness. Today more clearly see what is holding us back, we strive where we could be, what we like and what does not, what attracts us so much that we can not be peace and that we can use for their own inspiration, especially if we do some creative work . As regards the other activities we will continue to lazy, doing only what we need without any further motivation.

And finally, the opposition Month Neptune, talking about dreams that have passed and the illusion that disappears. Neptune was taken as a modern ruler of Pisces, says the conjunction with Venus, but becomes as important for interpretation. With opposition to the moon, this is an aspect that speaks about leaving, about disappointment after complete ecstasy. Talk about secrets that are revealed and the truth that no longer makes sense, because it does not seem so attractive. And all this will be the sign of love, God and intuition, as well as the lies, illusions, waiting, hoping, and most of silence.