Month in the aspect of comparative horoscope-Mutual aspects of the planet

Month of the positive aspects of the Moon
s especially when we talk about conjunction, gives a very deep emotional relationships, couples who from the first moment had the feeling that they are karmically related, and they are right.

Istinke emotions and great potential for a relationship.

Moon in a positive aspect with Mercury
-najčešće born in couples who have a emotional connection have some sort of friendship, or will even after the connection to come up with some new form of relationship.

Even in the most positive aspects of this combination (without any strong influence) by itself is not sufficient for long relationship.

No, it is excellent in all relationships in which communication and intellectual exchange of great importance (friends, a student teacher, therapist / client, the advisor / client, etc.)

Moon in a positive aspect with Venus
Certainly one of the most important and most positive indicators that the couple in front of you has a great potential, real emotion, and true love.

Extremely common aspect among longtime couples; although it does not always apply to marriage.

Moon in a positive aspect with Mars (trine & amp; sextile)
Pair brings great passion, great ideas and great driving energy when they are together, have a strong enthusiasm and ability to really motivate each other to work.

You must advise partners (Mars) to consciously begin to recognize and to be more concerned with the needs of the partners (the Moon).

Moon in a positive aspect with Jupiter
Give subtlety and depth of this pair; among them there must be a note of elegance and conduct that others at times no spontaneous act.

But the truth is that this pair of mutually motivate beautiful things and true enjoyment.

If we have a conjunction (plus afflicted Venus), there may be different kinds of excesses.

Moon in a positive aspect to Saturn (trine & amp; sextile)
The best aspect between students and teachers, all those transmit / receive knowledge of them.

In the case of emotional pairs, will provide durability, but not always simple emotions.

Preference monotony, a couple should be advised on joint activities.

Moon in a positive aspect to Uranus
-Does the intensity and sudden fascination, but without a strong aspect of Venus and Saturn would be difficult to talk about a simple, but not a permanent relationship.

Ideal aspect of her colleagues who work in scientific institutions, especially between astrologer and client.

Moon in a positive aspect to Neptune
Give a deep fascination, these two people look like to create another world when they are together.

While it can bring isolation from traditional life activities, the couple no doubt have an unbreakable bond that no one can describe not recognize, I am them.

Moon in a positive aspect to Pluto
One of the sure signs of karmic tasks faced by the couple.

To get the details, analzirajte characters and fields involved.

Certainly there is a deep reason why these two people met, and no matter how difficult the circumstances, they have the potential to overcome this.