House career throughout December will be very strong, and it will all turn around work. There will be minor problems in the family and emotional ties, but will leave them in the background. You will have a strong desire to travel and we will try to fill that desire itself at any cost ,.

Business: Due to the great attention that will be paid to work, nizać success is possible and that improving the long desired. Your work will be noticed and rewarded a pay raise. The important thing is to have a good focus on professional goals and to “not turn out of the way” and deal with gossip and intrigue colleagues. Unemployed Rams can expect an offer to work abroad, writes

Money: The planet Mars will dominate in your house of money, but you can expect progress in financial terms. You will have the support of my family, but you will not be difficult to make even larger sums of money. Good will come and social contacts with the right people.

Love: If you do not control their behavior and even a little time and attention to your partner, you can expect conflicts. Free Aries which is quite entertaining and want a serious relationship, they will have plenty of opportunities. A person who would suit you completely can meet among colleagues.

Health: There may be minor problems with nervous bowels and seasonal cough. Take care and the health of the liver.

Meeting with one person will make a fatal Crafts! By the middle of the month should also finally get rid of debt

People born under the sign of Taurus throughout December will lead to only one thing – money. You’ll want to get all the ambitions which you have for 2020 and that will be quite successful. In the third week of the month, you can expect and a further journey.

Business: For those who want a career to a higher level, this month for that there are real chances. If you give your best, you can expect great results already in mid-December. It is not clear exactly what will be rewarded, but it will certainly be a raise, promotion or a great business transaction, which will significantly raise your reputation in the eyes of his superiors.

Money: In accordance with the progress of the work, and your monthly inflow to the current account should be better. You can earn a great and helping others, whether it comes to professional services or teaching. By the middle of the month should also finally get rid of debt.

Love: A lone bulls during December will attract only the rich, beautiful and influential people, and from these new contacts could be degenerate and great love. Bulls are already married or in a long-term relationship can relax and enjoy their small, quiet harbor.

Health: If you finally get her to start exercising regularly, health will improve significantly. Work on raising the immunity, it is high time …

Beware of marriage, you are in a major crisis! If you consider pregnancy, it may be better to wait until 2018

The greatest attention in December admirers family, or will your career be in focus. We will try to successfully balance between private and business, but you have to think and to yourself. Find a form of relaxation and stick with it often, this should be your top priority.

Business: If you are looking for work, great opportunities ahead. Great opportunity can be commanded through a further family member. Just be accurate, diligent and responsible, and results can not be missed.

Money: Only since the mid month financial situation will stabilize. High income can be achieved through the implementation of a joint project with a partner.

Love: You will be very active, which will bring you a lot of opportunity to meet interesting people. If you are in a relationship or marriage, do not begin the affair, because it will be a stormy parting, and there is a chance to stay and without a spouse. If you consider pregnancy, it may be better to wait until 2018.

Health: It’s time to start a detoxification program. Your unhealthy habits could eventually exert its effects, it is best to prevent the weather. Take care and the thyroid gland.

The situation at work is critical

Maintain good contacts that have already been achieved, and how this will pay off

Throughout December we will face problems at work, but you somehow manage to turn things in their favor. With much effort, you will succeed to achieve the objectives, which can be rewarded or punished unašređenjem stimulation. Expect and family problems that will interfere with concentration all the time that you focus on the job.

Business: Dynamic events in the career field they expect all born under the sign of Cancer. Avoid hasty decisions and conflicts with superiors, because they could result in termination of employment. At the end of the month it is possible to raise.

Money: In December, will benefit the most crabs who started joint business with a partner. Maintain good contacts that have already been achieved, and how this will pay off.

Love: Free Crabs will sign a lot of new friends, from whom she could give birth to true love. It could be someone from work and the person you will meet through a mutual friend. Sexuality will be expressed, so the crabs who are married or in a long-term relationship will be closer than ever. A very favorable month for an extension of the family.

Health: Mucic you headache and muscle aches, or change of diet could help a lot of that. Insert menu in as many fresh vegetables.


Leo will experience the most changes and problems during the month of December. All segments of the situation will be quite unstable, and all you can do is to try to somehow balance the body. It is critical that you do not make rushed decisions, will visit you on the head in a very short time.

Business: Until 21 December try to work in the usual manner and in no way draw attention to themselves. Only in the last week of the month your creativity will come to the fore. Your ideas will appeal to the heads, but make sure you analyze each step well before you begin to talk aloud about a new project.

Money: Your financial intelligence will not let you down oog month, and you will be able to push the end of the year without borrowing. If you stick advice regarding business, before the New Year is also possible monetary reward for your work.

Love: As usual, her love life is not Lava this month will not be bored. Free members of this sign will radiate freely, and there is a possibility for a new, passionate adventure. Lions who are partners must try to remain faithful, giving them extremely difficult to go, but it’s a necessary step if you want to preserve the relationship.

Health: Very unusual for this character, but possible symptoms of depression. Go back to the sport, going out with friends and everything will be fine again.

Love Blossom, possible marriage and pregnancy! The emotional power of you is crucial during December are free to concentrate on that aspect of your

During this month Virgo will dominate the family home. Family matters and mental health will be much more important than business obligations.

The emotional power of you is crucial during December are free to concentrate on that aspect of your life. Teamwork and compromises during this month are necessary. Therefore, you have to be flexible to accept the point of view of others during Mercury retrograde in December.

Job: Your job is on the fringe, but the Moon will allow the flight to this area from mid-December. Be careful when it comes to job prospects and new business proposals from 24 December.

Finance: Financial situation will be quite satisfactory. By 15 December, the suitable period for risky investments and start making while having fun. Large financial transactions should be finished by 24 because after that you are not in favor of the planet. Pay attention to what and how much money you spend in December.

Love you Heavily influenced by Venus and Jupiter, so that you will love flourish. However, it seems that your commitment unfulfilled dream in a new relationship. If you are in a stable relationship, possible marriage or pregnancy.

The relationship with the children, you will be fantastic. You will enjoy yourself and that you are a child. Generally, the entire December will be full of pleasure and is ideal for travel. From 13 December it solves any conflicts in the family and this period brings happiness to all members.

Health: Up to 21 December should be careful because your health is fragile. Save energy, and mental health is crucial, but do not let the usual ups and downs in life too hit.

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Safe greater inflow of money! You might consider raising finance was their creativity and finding new ways to make money

This month most of the planet you are located in the southern sector, a family home is dominant. Pay attention to the physical, but also psychological problems in your household.

During December, the job should be accessed from a different perspective. In some situations will serve independence and determination scales, and the other will help your social skills and cooperation help to finish the job. The situation could change Vagina personal will, while in the second case to be flexible. During Mercury retrograde in December, it will be necessary to balance between independence and cooperation.

Business: If you are looking for a job, you will not have trouble finding it from the middle of the month, but the problem may be choosing the right job. Well consider the offer, especially after the 24th of December.

Economy: If you make the effort, you are guaranteed the greater sum of money. The presence of Pluto in the house of money will provide you with a secure influx. You might consider raising finance was their creativity and finding new ways to profit. But be careful – because of the preoccupation with financial problems can occur in a marriage.

Love: If you are alone, you will have plenty of opportunities to start a relationship, but it will almost all be optional. There will be no serious commitment in December. Before weighing instruments which are in a relationship is turbulent period. The movement of Mars will help you to find a solution by December 10. If you are planning an extension of the family, the ideal period for this is the 10th of December.

Health: The main problem being a lack of rest. From mid-December to pay attention to their fitness, as well as the emotional state and the preservation of physical energy.

Mercury retrograde will disturb the harmony in the relationship!

Your partner will ask for more freedom. You may need to make a decision about the future relationship.

Most of the planets are located in the southern sector of the family and the house will be dominant from mid-December. The job will be in the background, and will be the focus of the family and the issue of mental health. The focus will be on establishing a harmonious relationship in the family.

You will have the power to independently perform tasks. Although you will not depend from anybody when the realization of the goals in life, it is recommended to work with others.

Business: Business Opportunities will literally chase this month. In particular, you can get good deals during the third week of December. Traces of emotional satisfaction in your profession.

Money: This will be a great month for you, when finance is concerned. You will have many chances to make money, but it will require a lot of work and perseverance, to achieve their goals. That will provide support to family members, and the money you will spend on luxury items.

Greater confidence can contribute to a better financial situation. Earner listening to your intuition and following your dreams. Part of the money will consume and to charity.

Love: If you are alone, this is a very favorable period for you. You’ll love through relatives, academia or in the neighborhood. You will attract people of great intellectual and communicative skills or someone who is caring and generous.

Mercury retrograde will disturb the harmony in existing relationships. Your partner will ask for more freedom. You may need to make a decision about the future relationship.

Health: Pay attention to your mental health, but can not zapostavljajte physical. Pay attention to body odor, bad breath and food poisoning.

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It is high time that you take care of your body! Refrain from impulse buying unnecessary things

There may be differences in the family, you are going to save a patient and parliamentary discussion. Respect other people’s problems and feelings, and harmony will reign again. When you solve problems at home, you will have much more energy, and you will be with greater enthusiasm to devote work, which certainly will not remain unnoticed.

Business: At the end of the month you can expect great, but positive change. It will be either a sudden, beautiful, business trip, or a great offer for a new job. Whatever you decide, end with great success.

Money: This is definitely a time saver. Waste of you now will not bring anything good. Refrain from impulse buying unnecessary things because at the end of the month to be able to come into a situation to borrow money to pay the bills.

Love: As far as the emotional plan, everything will be all right. Shooters who are already married or in a long-term relationship will enjoy unforgettable moments with your partner, while the available members of this sign meet the person you would immediately want to enter into marriage. Period is ideal for the planned, and unplanned pregnancy.

Health: What a start exercising regularly. That’s the missing link that allows you to be perfect health.

Casual flirting or true love?

Capricorn Council this month is all about family …

Harmony family atmosphere will help to create success and career. Career and family will require equal attention if you want to achieve success in December.

Business: Independence and courageous decisions will bring you the success you deserve. Capricorns, plan your life and do everything to accomplish it! Capricorns, especially those tense, you should deal with meditation or other spiritual skills. Dreams will help you resolve any doubts. Want to know how you can help others.

Money: Money balance will remain unchanged this month, or early next year, you can expect that your dedication and work will be rewarded.

Love: Static situation in the field of love. Free strangers will have many opportunities to meet with potential partners, but it will all stay or the Platonic or casual flirtation. Those who are married to your partner enjoy the idyllic relation throughout December, to them might lead to decide on an extension of the family.

Health: Capricorns feel great in December.

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Love will appear on the site where you least expect it! Career you at this time in the first place.

Dear Aquarius, you will find everything started to go out of hand, and you will find love in one of the friends!

Business: Aquarius this month will be a big success at work, thanks to the work you have invested, and it will boast of your superior – and the money and status.

Money: The Brave and thoughtful moves that you make in December, will bring you more money and a better status.

Love: Caution in love. If you know the person and if you like it, slow down. Even if they are married, try to understand your partner. The decision to become parents, should also be well thought out. Available Aquarius will come across several potential partners in this month. Love may find among his friends.

Health: Take care of your health, keep healthier and make at least a little physical activity.

Success in business acquisition on the way! In December, all the people born under this sign can expect major changes when it comes to business …

Marital and emotional stuff this month will not be a priority in the life of fish. December month brings peace, serenity and balance that allows this year was much needed. The successes that will be further lowered, consequently, you lately feel confident, and therefore create and bolder moves. You do not need to depend on anyone, and you are confident enough to make your own decisions, no matter how difficult they may be.

Job: To develop more, it does not hurt to supplement your knowledge to some courses. Some members of this sign will have frequent business trips. Those who have a serious relationship or family, they can expect strong support from their loved ones.

Money: Financial stability is present in the month of December. All you have invested, will be back. You can expect the money to lend you, or come as a gift from a family member.

Love: Pisces this month can expect a lot poznastava and with influential people. Males will look for opportunities in the business environment. They are married to think about expanding the family.

Health: Pisces is recommended physical activity, which will help them to emotional, and health.