Monthly horoscope for December 2021


Your focus will be on his career this month. You are aware of personal and social responsibility and companies have to complete them. Concentrate on your plans for the future and planning strategies will fulfill them.

It is time to become more aggressive in order to undertake the necessary action to achieve the desired. There is no need to depend on others and conditions. This is the month for positive change.

The planets are favorable to you and will give you the necessary strength to easily achieve their goals. You can expect a lot of action and success.

The focus will be focused on career, spirituality, improving knowledge, travel, love, relationships, and social events.

In the field work will be stormy, you will have more obligations for its management capabilities. This will open up opportunities for progress.

You will have the support of family members to increase earnings, working in the public sector will be particularly profitable. The financial situation will be poboljčati if you give up unnecessary costs. Expect improvement.

Life with your loved one will be harmonious. Those who are not related will have the opportunity to love, but let’s take care of pregnancy. Love awaits them at work or social events.

You will be quite exhausted during the month for work, make sure to get enough rest and relax.


Caring for career and ambitions will have power over the family and emotional security during this month.

To exercise plan you need the favor of the environment, so you have to be flexible to adapt to people and situations.

Heads points of interest will be karijara and its development, financial situation, travel and love life.

In the area of ​​job positions and expect to improve revenue. But be ready for more work.

In December, a lot of you to worry about finances, that will be good. Examine old plans to make money and create a new,

Your partner will be involved in your finsnsijsku situation and will try to improve it. It will help you when necessary.

A good relationship with your family and your partner will improve your health. Prayer and meditation will have a positive effect on you.


Career development you will be in focus during this month. Set goals for the future and focus on them.

Caring for others it will be more important to you and you will have Got It in helping others. You will have a lot of energy that will bring better results.

This month will be paid to charity and social life, entertainment, creativity and spirituality and travel.

At work will go well, job seekers will have good opportunities after 22 December.

Earnings will be good during the first and last week of December, it is not a good time to invest.

Many will try hard to loved ones very happy. Want to be an ideal partner. Will think about pregnancy. Males will be able to enter into a new relationship.

Good relations with neighbors will be necessary to maintain good health. Health will be jeopardized during retrograde merkira and it will require more rest and breaks.


Chasing career and ambitions for the future will have precedence over love life and family. You can not ignore the family during Mercury retrograde.

Social skills will be important to you and you will want to help others. Caring for others to dominate odmosu to care for themselves.

Susretaćete with challenges at work by 22 December. You should not stay away from work until then. Those who are wasted for business via social networking or Internt will have success.

You have great intuition when it comes to finances will affect your plans for the future. Earnings will only come from work up to 22, then you will have additional income.

Those who are not related can expect a romantic encounter. Romance can also expect married people. There may be conflicts with your partner and you will have to agree to some compromises to keep the peace.


Emphasis will be on the psychological and family issues. Career and wire ambitions will be in focus during this month. You will be more preoccupied with the past than the plans for future development.

You must keep in mind the interests of others and is controlled by self-confidence. You need the support of others to achieve their goals.

Business needs will be difficult after 22 December, you have to wear is fast-paced workplace. Strive to improve career with the help of social ties. And if you’re looking to business success is possible after 23.

The financial situation will be good, especially up to 12 December. This is a good period for the investment.

Good period for connection and love, and pregnancy. There will be a lot of fun and socializing. Males will have a chance to new acquaintances after 22, probably at work.

Health will be good, you have a lot of energy and you will be harder to relax. Beware and save energy. Due to good health will improve and your attractiveness.


Emotional security will dominate during this month. Career and ambitions for the future will not be in focus.

House family will be dominant, and family affairs will be on the radar. There may be a change of residence or renoviranjakuće. You will be happier seeing their past successes but to make plans for the future.

The social aspect of your life is becoming more prominent. You rely on others and your social skills need to be improved. Need cooperation and consensus. Of paramount importance is the flexibility to adapt to situations and people.

Astrological predictions in December 2018 predict that the workplace be chaos and it will result in a change in your career. The corporate structure of your company will suffer significant changes.

Money can be achieved from activities related to real estate. You need to be innovative to enhance its earnings this month. Financial prosperity will be excellent to 21 December. During this period, your earnings will be easy and you’ll enjoy it.

It will be fun and romance in family relations. Males will this month be able to find romantic partners. For your love field there will be major changes. 22. After you enjoy the pursuit of pleasure and you will be happy to go on vacation. You might even be ready to plan your child.

Virgo horoscope forecasts that health will be problematic until the end of Mercury retrograde. You need enough rest and save energy to keep you in shape. Health can be improved by regular massages.


Horoscope predicts that emotional harmony to be important. Caring for the family to dominate the professional growth. More to deal with its past, but in the future. You can learn from their past experiences and it will guide you in the future.

Social skills will be important. This is in line with your natural abilities and you are very satisfied with the current state of affairs. Vamkoristi cooperation can achieve success.

Things are moving a satisfactory pace and enjoy it. Students will be excellent in their academic career.

Career growth is not the focus of this month, but should focus on what makes you happy.

Cash prosperity of this month will be fantastic. Earnings can be improved through the promotion, sales and innovative marketing techniques. Creativity will bring you money. Family members and neighbors support your financial endeavors.

Compatibility of Libra with a spouse or partner is based on the emotional force. Encourage relationship giving emotional support to 22 December. Until then, you can expect a good game.

Spirituality will be important in love relationships. Individuals will have plenty of opportunities to enter into a romantic relationship. Love can be found on spiritual places.


Horoscope predicts that the emotional and family problems is more important this month. You’re looking at your achievements so far and you’re lost in the memories of them.

Autonomous and you are positive, your energy levels are high. Create your heaven and not twisted than others. Social skills and flexibility are not necessary to achieve your goals. In December 2018, you can turn the people and situations in your favor. Personal interests prevailing over the interests of others.

After 22, you will be interested to improve their academic skills. Are you interested in developing your i spend my time and energy on this activity. The main areas of concern finances, family, philanthropy, intellectual development and humanitarian activities.

Careers can be enhanced by advanced training and additional studies related to your profession. Changes in the professional environment as possible during Mercury retrograde.

Great month for earnings. You have the support of family members to complete your financial endeavors. Your investments and partnerships are progressing well.

This year will be large fluctuations in relation to Scorpio. Your happiness depends on how you are able to cope with this seesaw. Entertainers partners his sense of humor. Spend time together and plan a pregnancy. Males are more cautious in choosing their romantic partners to 21. They will find love friends in the academic environment and in the neighborhood. Existing relations will continue to move forward with the necessary compromises by partners.

Good health throughout the month. Interested in education on health issues. Try out new treatments and workouts.


Family events and psychological happiness are more important this month. Questions and career ambitions are in the background. You live in the past and are not worried about the future.

Your self-esteem is more important than the welfare of others. The dominant you are dictating the terms. You have all the energy to achieve your own goals.

Many planets are in your sign of Sagittarius makes it strong. This month will be one of the brightest in the year. Looking for physical pleasures and indulge yourself in the dreams and illusions.

Finance will prosper after 22 December. Your financial situation is good and you are able to make a good investment. You can get things at reasonable prices.

You can earn money through real estate deals and marketing projects. All legal issues will be resolved in your favor. Earnings can be improved with appropriate financial planning and reducing unnecessary costs. You will have the support of loved ones for their financial efforts after the Mercury retrograde.

The relationship with your loved one will be great. Your partner is taking all steps to fulfill your wishes. Responding love partner to the same extent. There are chances of pregnancy.

Health will be wonderful. You should focus on the maintenance of mental health.


Family relationships and emotional issues will dominate this month, you will be interested in the physical satisfaction.

This month you will very aggressive and independent. You have all the energy to get things done and do not seek the help of others. No need for flexibility or social affection.

Your progress will be phenomenal. This is the month for Action and the achievement of your goals. You will have the strength to achieve your goals, but it can create chaos in friendship and love.

On the other hand, you will be very interested in charitable activities such as social services and philanthropy. Your intuitive nature will be visible in this month.

Career will not be important this month. You will be interested in other career advancement.

Earnings will be good to 21 and after that it will be worrisome. Things will improve over the next month.

There will be no progress in existing relationships. With the influence of the planet Venus, your attractiveness will be great. During the first and the last week will be a lot of opportunities for romantic relationships.


Professional goals and aspirations will be the focus of this month. Emotional security and family well-being will be in the background. Objectives for the future will be more important than past achievements. Looking status and prestige in society.

You can achieve your goals by his own efforts. Interests are out of sight of others and social skills are not required. No need to adjust the terms and people. Pay attention to personal preference.

There will be a lot of progress based on your actions because all the planets are in progress.

The main areas of interest will be the growth of career, social life, spiritual and academic research, travel abroad, philanthropy and personal charisma.

Professional growth can improve social and communication abilities. Whatever you thought about your professional future can be achieved.

This will be financially prosperous month. You’ll get ideas on how to increase your financial.

In your relationships will be plenty of romance this month. Life with a partner is full of fun, a connection will be harmonious. Put abroad before 22 will enhance your marriage and the chances of pregnancy. Both invest additional efforts to maintain the connection.

Health will be excellent during the whole month.


Your career and personal ambitions will be dominant this month. You’re looking at the future rather than the past.

You are confident and ready for new ventures. Nothing depends on the conditions and people. Help on the side is not necessary, because you have the potential to achieve yourself what you imagined. You dictate their conditions, while others have no choice but to accept them.

In focus are your relationships and social life, career, change of personal image and sensuality.

Problems with career will dominate this month. Unusual progress in their career. In addition to hard work, you help your partner and social connections for success in his career. Socializing and networking with powerful people will increase your position in the workplace.

Horoscope predicts that monetary prosperity to be wonderful this month. This will help your financial security and improve your social status. Finance can improve your social contacts. Fish has plenty of time to indulge in their hobbies.

The connection with your spouse or partner will be harmonious this month. Your beloved oosba will be satisfied with your wishes. Socially you will be interacting with the powerful and influential people. Individuals will be able to attract romantic partners before 12 December. There are chances of getting pregnant. Looking for a partner that will help your professional prospects. Love to be found among the elderly and people of higher status.

Sensitive to health 22. Make sure to get enough rest and relax. Good relationships with family and friends encourage your health. Energy should be saved by going to delegate your work to others.