Moon in Aquarius and good the aspect to Saturn and Mars-progressivity, willingness to learn and self-confidence!

Moon in Aquarius and good the aspect to Saturn and Mars, a good day for business ideas and their realization. Progressiveness, willingness to learn and confidence indicators are favorable aspect. Dan will also be accompanied by a smaller uncertainties related to personal desires, ambitions and goals that we have, but given that the square of Venus and Saturn in question, this could be viewed as obstacles to itself, the more unnecessary complication of the situation that in itself is not such.

Be creative, free expression and reviewing and gearing their opinion, but organized, disciplined and consistent, otherwise it will become a great business opportunity only opportunities. Squares as little heavier aspects are asking us to put energy into a campaign to try harder, instead of just a leisurely accept what is being offered.

Full Moon in Aquarius, it will give additional motivation to try new things, implementing ideas, cooperation with different organizations and, most importantly restoring contact with friends. Full Moon reminds us to respect and be grateful for what we have and what we have achieved instead to focus on the shortcomings in life. Full Moon speaks about the emotional release all ties with the past, as well as the blockade that we have in dealing with people and situations. Aquarius will give us the other side will bring a higher awareness of the events, as well as the intuitive perception of people which will be maintained and in decision-making, especially for the above mentioned areas of work.

You can meditate these days, engage in some team sports, volunteer, seeing with friends, travel, diary and all other activities that can help you think reflection and awareness of the mind to make the best possible way.