Moon in Aquarius, dispositor of Aquarius, Saturn is still in Sagittarius …..

Moon in an air sign, Aquarius, dispositor of Aquarius, Saturn is still in Sagittarius, but the real opposition to Mercury. So this is the month whose thoughts today focused on the care, we will likely concentration problems, performing tasks, especially those more difficult, as well as those who seek time, sacrifice and discipline. Today we especially lack of discipline, because Mars also makes kavdrat the moon, but it brings back nerves, perhaps injury, uncontrolled anger, conflict, resistance against the system, but today it is not a constructive opposition, it is now working bunt revolt.

We may feel unsure, misunderstood, unaccepted, tense and on edge, especially if the work environment is concerned. Also, because this square of Mars and the Moon, which are fixed signs, we find it hard to give up their beliefs and bad thoughts, because the fixed signs are persistent in everything, even in it when you’re wrong. Unfortunately square Scorpio and Aquarius brings a blend of energy and intellect, but in a very explosive and bigoted way, mainly because the moon is one that is too abstract and more ideas, while Mars concrete and at its headquarters.

This may also mean that our ideas do not follow our energy, we want more than what we can do and this actually creates nervousness between us and our environment. But unlike the opposition, which is required for the conflict and the other side, we’re opposed to themselves and therefore neither give up so easy, nor so easy to reconcile.

Caring is like carrying an umbrella in fear of rain.

Do not become an umbrella heavy after a while …