Moon in Aquarius-month after the zodiac signs

Although the Moon is in the air and a fixed sign, he was still under the influence of Saturn. These people are progressive, innovative and intuitive. They love to analyze people’s behavior and intentions. It is often easier to understand other people’s emotions rather than their own. It is very important that they be socially accepted and therefore tend to share their ideas with the group. Often and repeatedly raised as a people person, but generally can be lonely and reserved. It’s hard for them to admit that they may feel an emotion like jealousy or fear, and because in the most difficult situations seem untouchable. Partners are given full freedom and the same demand. What matters to them is that they have an ideal that will be taken. They do not like to adapt to others, because usually work alone. They can be hard on your family and children. They like to work in a group, though often occupy the leading position.