Moon in Aquarius points to the road signs that should not be ignored …..

Moon in Aquarius is concerned about social issues, often can not make a clear distinction between himself and others, and just because people with this position have a need to be accepted and part of the community. Rejection hard to bear, and they feel very unsafe if it comes to that.

However, in these moments are closed, withdrawn and build a wall around you, because you do not forget, this moon is still ruled by Saturn. Uranus as ruler of Aquarius is the newest color revolt, rebellion and a desire for change that in the case of positions Month manifested through ideas, thoughts and great intuition.

Today, this moon is in the sky. He is under the influence of Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury. Equality, freedom and independence are at the center of attention; the influence of those planets are trying to build a healthy discipline and understanding of equality in relationships, but we will do so through learning and acquiring new knowledge.

With the aforementioned planets are adopting new information with a focus on awareness, knowledge and decision-making. Saturn in Sagittarius in aspects to Uranus and the Moon promises stable mind, a wise decision and inner peace. Due squares Mars and the sun right to Jupiter, the problem of understanding of equality arises only because of the ego and the explosion, and our need to compete with others and prove something forever.

I still do not give up on some old patterns of behavior, but we are ready to recognize them and learn about them. We now things look a lot clearer than a month ago when we were under a series of severe aspects.

Through Mercury, Aquarian freedom and tolerance we show in partner relationships and we are now much more willing to compromise than before, rational look at love and relationships. Mercury is in opposition to the Moon, which gradually weakens, this is about the internal fear of loss of control and security, and all because of a desire for harmonization and equality.

Maybe we’re not ready to let go of things, although the changes here, and very visible. Maybe change is inevitable, but it is our resistance too obvious. These days, if you notice some symbols, the same numbers or messages that guide you towards making a decision, they should be followed, no doubt.

After all, the human mind is limited by his desire to accept new and unlimited potential to build something new.

Moon in Aquarius points to the road signs that should not be ignored. Listen to these days your inner voice and you will not go wrong, whether it tells you to go somewhere or do not buy a particular book or watch a movie.

And before you believe in anything outside of yourself, you must first believe yourself that what you see and understand.

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