Moon in Aries and preparations for lunar eclipses

The moon is currently in Aries, the sign in which your emotions, concern for others and the need for certainty exerts a direct, expressive and very disorganized way. This Month’s tendency to react rapidly and rash. He feels the best when there are certain challenges when it needs to be proven before others. People with these months are usually impatient and prone to injury, as most younger, with age, however, this feature subside and rarely manifests itself, but the main impetus here. These persons are to protect and care for the nearest by making concrete things can be a real deceivers, because very directly express emotions in some situations and somewhat naive and tactless. They often lack a sense of the situation and it happens that emotions express exactly when they should not. Of course this is not to mention that I emphasize that things are socially acceptable and are only normal call, the intention was to describe the reaction of the moon.

Today, such a moon says conjunction with Uranus, which reinforces the need for freedom, rebellion, competition and aggression. Perhaps out of a great need to express their emotions or concerns about a situation, forget about other people’s emotions or moment in which to speak. This would mean that today we can rapidly go to a meeting or to cry at the same, to argue with loved ones without any need, but also the impulse Uranus brings unexpected challenges, moments of inspiration and ingenious idea. Uranium as a symbol of freedom and speed in fiery Aries encourages Month, namely that emotions are manifested rash, directly and rapidly at the moment. Dan is good to win, debates and loud discussions that may lead to the kind of quality solutions, but above all temporary because Aries is a cardinal sign, it brings inspiration, but not perseverance, so that the solutions are quick, unexpected and valid for the moment conducting.

Once this aspect, the Moon goes to the opposition to Jupiter, which will bring combustion, thus excessively wasting energy on unimportant things, phallic us good organization, sleep and clock first. All the time the Moon has the support of Saturn in Sagittarius, which is basically a weather certificate or a final judgment of what we do in these two days. The actions we take can not be supported by older colleagues, especially when it comes to working with other countries. Also, because of the opposition to Jupiter in Libra we have problems with documents, disputes or in these days, passing exams.

As we are approaching Lunar Eclipse, tensions are being felt these days will reach its culmination Lunar and Solar eclipses do not happen every month when the full moon and new moon that occurs only in those moments when a full or new moon found at the points where they intersect earth’s orbit around the Sun and the Moon the Earth orbit movement, these points are known as nodes months.

A phenomenon in which the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, namely the moon behind Earth, the very point where the aforementioned paths intersect causes the Earth blocking the sunlight and the moon then appears as a completely black and this is called a lunar eclipse. Solar eclipse happens when the moon is between the Sun and Earth, the moon obscures the sun’s rays now, however, the Earth, the Moon appears as a black with yellow rim. Solar eclipse usually occurs two weeks after a lunar eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse in terms of astrology brings changes and crises, but also emotional and spiritual healing in those fields that are activated lunar eclipses, for this you need to look at your birth chart. Lunar eclipse causes changes, emotional meetings, partings, this is the moment when you see things as they are, when spirituality comes into play, as well as intuition, and emotional breakdowns, anxiety, disease diagnosis.

In particular, it pays attention to the fields in which the sun and moon are falling and what aspects made with other planets, it is very important if natal planets fall on the exact degree of the ecliptic, then the events become even more significant. It is interesting that the eclipses better correspond to those signs that are the same element, so that this lunar eclipse will bring good circumstances, fire and air signs, yet challenging circumstances earth and water signs, they will better be pak solar eclipse that will occur in late February .

As it comes to the moon in Leo, our tendency will be aimed at self-assertion, developing generosity, security and love towards loved ones, this eclipse may bring an abundance of creativity, perhaps the problem to start to look at differently, and thus find a solution. Leo is a sign of a creative, fiery and fixed, it forces us to get in touch with the internal energy and stay true to it, and in the decisions we make. Leo is agile, bold, vibrant, and persistent, consistent and responsible, so that we will be the Lunar Eclipse to learn how to stand up for themselves, loved ones and what you really love, and that often means changing the current life circumstances.