Moon in Cancer trine to Venus in Škorpiji- Venus in sextile with Mars

Moon in Cancer trine to Venus in Scorpio, while Venus in sextile with Mars. A beautiful blend of emotions, desires and actions. It is especially important this aspect of the Moon and Venus, because it encourages creativity and intuition, to safety, to connect with others, adapting to and empathy.

Venus entered the sign of Scorpio, which means that his need to connect with others will be much deeper and more intense than in the period when he was in Libra. Here Venus wants to understand the needs of others, to share their passion and love. In Scorpio, Venus is under the influence of Mars, if we look at contemporary astrology, Pluto which gives the opportunity to connect with your partner gain deeper insight into their fears and insecurities. In this sign venus is vulnerable and often manipulative, it is essential for her to be valued by others.

Venus in Scorpio is also seeking transformation. In severe embodiment can bring disappointments, pain, retaliation, envy, challenges in relation to the mother or other health problems to the reproductive organs, obsession, inclination risks, suspiciousness, and the desire to dominate.