Moon in Capricorn in sextile to Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio-communication of thoughts and feelings!

Moon in Capricorn in sextile to Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio. These aspects allow us to communicate thoughts and feelings, ego and soul connection and perfect alignment with itself. But the peace that we feel is a result of great struggle and acceptance of things we do not really like. With the Moon in Capricorn, I can be a bit cold and unfeeling, but mostly scared and concerned about certain events or people that we will keep it under control, or at least our emotions towards them. In this regard, establishing peace is the peace that came waiver and acceptance of discomfort. Therefore, this day can be pensive and melancholy.

It should also be borne in mind and the Sun in Scorpio that his position again suggests passion and depth of the soul, and most fears. As for Scorpio in particular to go into the depth of his pain, often masochistic, here’s another indicator of transformation. With Mercury in Scorpio thoughts are severe, often destructive. The combination of Capricorn and Scorpio certainly gives impulse to action, or slow, proven and persistent. It also provides talent for methodical research, teaching, design, highlights the strong powers of observation and a sense of organization, given the ambition and very passionate orientation towards work, power and social status.

Moon in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Saturn staying in Sagittarius can bring religious constraints, irrational beliefs, onerous legal processes, distorted perception, unnecessary rebellion against the law and the like. Safety and comfort of the Moon in Capricorn depend on how balanced thoughts and actions persons. Often the person itself restricts or hampers and can not fully accept an idea or a higher goal, which is a confirmation of the position, and Saturn in Sagittarius and Moon in Capricorn.

The first position refers to a repudiation of the unknown and difficult to understand the idea. The second also relates to the excessive desire for action and practical actions. Generally this can be a difficult position for the exchange of ideas, because she does not accept the existence of a second opinion or a person, but rather strives to maintain its position in all without any need for further consideration. Such a convenience Capricorn is more egocentric than it is really practical. If we’re going to be cooperative and committed to the team and the project, this situation simply required to give up inefficient patterns of behavior and for the sake of a higher sense we are focused on a common goal. Especially is this important segment of Scorpio and Capricorn.

Further, the sky is obvious that the real moon squares to Uranus and Jupiter will give you anxiety and misleading impressions or at least about the environment, usually business partners. Moon in earthy and masculine characters, and under the influence of a progressive and very sudden planet can become irresponsible at work or emotional relationships, emotions can vary from situation to situation.

Luckily, many sextet with Mercury and the Sun gives perfect opportunity to get an insight into how and why we behave in certain ways. As the moon says the square to Jupiter in Libra, tension arises because of the need to find a compromise, but keep order. Red that we have established. And here is a picture of another situation where we have a person who wants to work with others and for themselves without having to adapt and cooperate. The seriousness of emotion and suspicion can undermine peace, the need for balance. A person does not see any way to cooperate, but that this does not undermine her confidence and established system of values. Certainly tension brings action and awareness campaign, so that the state of the sky and is not too difficult if you are aware of why certain actions create unpleasant consequences.

Uranus in Aries gives progressive ideas and actions, which we are afraid to take because you might disturb the system in which we live and work. So you have a conflict between inspiration and system conflicts of ideas and principles. The moon was now at 18 ° Capricorn and moves towards Mars in Capricorn with anyone to make an exact conjunction, the more reason for tension and conflicts, but not directly, but passive-aggressively taking over the role of the victim. Capricorn will not let nobody know his emotions, but will try in every way to hurt without directly say what’s bothering him, plus accentuated by the sign of Scorpio, the more reason for manipulation, gaming and inappropriate jokes.

Venus trine to Uranus and calls on the liberation of tensions through activities, arts, sports and socializing. This is definitely one of the outputs of this day. As Venus is a symbol of connecting with others, that’s the opportunity that (the sign of Sagittarius in which Venus is) try to understand people’s anxiety and peacefully resolve conflicts, even if it meant delay the talks, problems and important issues for a few days. We should not indulge tension, the reason is melancholic moon that seemed eager to be drawn into a stronger emotion. How is the emotion of anger is stronger than sadness, because it requires energy and adrenalin, it is entirely possible that we ourselves want to enter into conflict in order to little overdramatic. How the Moon in this sign is not aware of their emotions, specifically suppress them, the only way to get in touch with them through the fight, which is the symbol of Mars with whom they come in contact soon.

The following output is reflected in trine Saturn and Uranus, which gives us the potential to consciously choose different ways of handling a relationship. Saturn is related to restrictions, and Uranus on their demolition. We have a combination of fiery Aries and Sagittarius, who with enthusiasm and courage were able to act in this direction. These so today we have the ability to clearly see the functionality of their thoughts and actions and the potential to change them in the desired direction.

If you do not know what will happen, we are not able to make a decision. If we know what’s going to happen again, we are not able to make a decision. Because the decision has never been beyond us …