Moon in Gemini in opposition to Saturn and square to Jupiter-exchange of ideas and learning new content!

Moon in Gemini in opposition to Saturn in square to Jupiter, although the separation aspects of today’s emotional needs are focused primarily on contacts with other people, exchanging ideas and learning new content, through meetings, dates, joint visits to exhibitions, music and drama events and the like.

However, regardless of the Twin Towers as a friendly sign today still opt for people of faith. The moon is due to contact with Saturn irritating, cold, angry and stubborn without clear reasons, but definitely because of that and opt for those who understand us.

Mercury is in Cancer and a real good aspect to Neptune, which often brings illusion and not very rational understanding of things, especially if we consider that the cancer comes as an emotional character, which needs Mercury focus not on what we witnessed and what we speak, but in what way, with what intonation and the like.

That’s why we can enjoy them today, only those who know what to say and how. Essentially an easy day, but we try to make him do something nice for yourself and for others.